The Best Anti Fog Spray For Ski Goggles | 3 Great Options!

by Fraser

As agreed in “how to keep your ski goggles from fogging”, anti-fog sprays are a useful weapon in the fight against fog! But only if you pick the right one!

Many products are ineffective and others will even cause damage to your precious goggles. Fortunately, I’ve tested and identified the very best anti fog spray for ski goggles.

The best anti fog spray for ski goggles is the ZEISS defender anti-fog system. This product outperformed every other brand when put through our stringent product testing. It is also the most cost-effective option.

To my fellow snowboarders… of course this is also the best anti fog spray for snowboard goggles. Keep reading to see why it’s the best!

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The Best Anti-Fog Spray For Ski Goggles:

1. The ZEISS Defender Anti-Fog System

ZEISS Fog Defender System - Best Anti-Fog Kit for Ski Goggles!
  • ZEISS Fog Defender System is an easy to use spray that keeps your lenses from fogging for up, even while wearing a mask.
  • Fog-free vision for up to 72 hours
  • Easy to use: Spray both sides of the lenses with the ZEISS Fog Defender System and wipe with the included microfiber cloth until dry
  • Ideal for: glasses, sunglasses, binoculars, camera lenses, swim goggles, ski goggles, and face shields

Trust me, this one blew the competition out of the water. Not only did it just work better than the other products, it’s also the best bang for your buck. They even included a free microfiber cloth.

This makes for a perfect pairing and gives you the best chance of eradicating fog on those particularly stubborn days. 

Will this product mean you can ignore all of the other anti-fogging tips I gave in the previous article?

Absolutely not!

But if you’ve tried everything and are still struggling, this gives your goggles the best shot at redemption.

  • De-fogged my entire lens
  • Best value for money
  • Free microfiber cloth
  • Best customer ratings
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Longest lasting coverage
  • Makes your eyes water a little if you put the goggles on too soon after application. Let it dry!

2. The EOTW Anti-Fog Wipes

EOTW Anti-Fog Wipes For Glasses
An alternative to carrying a spray! My second favorite anti fog product for ski goggles. Doesn't seem to last as long as the ZEISS but still does a great job.

The next-best performance came from a product that isn’t even a spray… and isn’t even specifically designed for ski goggles! 

However, it still performed better in the anti-fog department than the other sprays tested. They’re also ludicrously easy to carry around with you. 

I did find that they wear out quicker than the sprays but as a portable backup, they’re a very good buy.  

  • Great anti-fog properties
  • Most portable design
  • Cheapest per application 
  • Very positive reviews
  • No bottle to fall on
  • Didn't last as long as ZEISS
  • Not technically a spray 

3. The Fogaway Anti-Fog Lens Spray

FogAway Anti-Fog Spray
The Amazon #1 Best-Seller! A good option for the budget-conscious but didn't beat the ZEISS defender product when tested.

This product is the best selling anti-fog spray on Amazon, but it still couldn’t beat out the ZEISS for the number one spot. 

It’s slightly cheaper and therefore may appeal to the budget-conscious buyer. Nonetheless, my advice would be to spring for the ZEISS. It lasts longer and offers more complete fog protection. 

  • Cheaper than ZEISS
  • Decent anti-fog properties
  • Odorless spray 
  • Small, portable bottle
  • Anti-fog coverage slightly below the other options.
  • Required more frequent applications.
  • Sometimes left slightly grainy texture on lens. 

How To Use Anti-Fog Sprays For Ski Goggles.

To use an anti-fog spray, clean the lenses of your ski goggles and then apply the spray evenly over the surface. You can also use a microfiber cloth to apply the spray. Just make sure you apply it before you put on your goggles and give it a few minutes to dry before you hit the slopes.

How I Tested Each Anti-Fog Spray.

This was the fun part!

  1. First I researched the ten best selling anti-fog sprays for ski goggles. 
  2. I paid full price for each one – no sponsorships or hidden bias!
  3. Using only one product each day, I hiked my local peak whilst wearing the goggles on the ascent (I do not recommend you do this normally). 
  4. I recorded the fog-free area on the lens throughout, how quickly the fog returned and any issues such as stinging eyes or unpleasant smells. 
  5. After descending, I would rinse and repeat. Literally, I washed the goggles, dried them overnight and then tested the next product. 

Once I got down to the top three, I used each one daily to get a feel for which worked best overall. It soon became apparent which one was superior – I completely forgot I was testing it on those days due to the lack of fog!

Should You Use Anti-Fog Sprays For Ski Goggles?

You shouldn’t only use anti-fog sprays, you should also look to exclude the root-cause. This might be anything from your clothing to your helmet to your storage habits. 

You can read more about the causes of goggle fogging here

Persistent fogging can also often be a sign that the anti-fog layer on your goggles has worn off. Using an anti-fog spray can keep your goggles going for longer and delay needing to buy an expensive new pair. 

What To Do If The Anti-Fog Spray Doesn't Work?

If the spray isn’t working or wears of super fast and you’ve excluded all of the issues in the article linked above… then you need to thoroughly clean your snowboard goggles. 

This will ensure blocked vents or built up debris aren’t the issue. 

If even that doesn’t fix the problem, then I’m afraid it’s time for some new goggles!


Now that we’ve identified the best anti fog spray for ski goggles, it’s time to get out there and shred.

Hopefully you’ll now be doing so with crystal clear vision!

If you found this article helpful, why not take a look around the rest of the site? Maybe I can even temp you to join the newsletter? 

Either way, happy riding amigo!

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