CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard Review [2025]

by Fraser

This week, I got my mittened hands on the much-hyped 2025 CAPiTA Super DOA. 

To say I was stoked is an understatement!

The original DOA, or “Defenders of Awesome”, collected an insane number of awards over the past decade.

I actually rode a DOA for the majority of my first few seasons (many moons ago). I therefore have a particular soft spot for this board…

Nonetheless, here’s my attempt at an unbiased review of the CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard. Let the awesomeness begin!

The CAPiTA Super DOA [Product Roundup]
9.5/10 Our Score

Best For: All-Mountain Freestyle
Profile: Resort V1 (Hybrid)
Base: Sintered (Hyperdrive Adv XT)
Shape: True Twin
Additional Features: 3D Thermopolymer Supercore, Fortress Aramid Sidewalls, 

  • Super accessible pop
  • Highly versatile
  • Insanely lightweight
  • Advanced tech
  • Generous effective edge
  • Carving machine  
  • Great for jumps
  • Eco-conscious manufacturing

✖️Premium price-tag
✖️Limited powder performance
✖️Durability is yet to be seen (I'll update you after 50 days!)

About The Brand

CAPiTA is renowned for its innovative approach to snowboard design, combining eco-friendly manufacturing processes with cutting-edge technology.

Their boards are still crafted in the infamous CAPiTA Mothership, one of the world’s most advanced snowboard production facilities. 

For more details about the brand, read this article

About The Board: The CAPiTA Super DOA 2025

The CAPiTA Super DOA 2025 is an aggressive all-mountain-freestyle snowboard designed primarily for intermediate to experienced riders.

capita superdoa

It features a hybrid camber profile, a true twin shape, a mid-stiff flex and a bucketload of tech. 

Key features include:

    • A 3D Thermopolymer Supercore
    • Fortress Aramid Bound Sidewalls
    • Moonshot Omni-Tune™
    • Hyperdrive Adv XT Base
    • “Super Carbon” Strips

Testing Conditions

1. Terrain

Damn near everything!

In this form, I managed to ride park, groomers, pipe and some chopped up afternoon powder. 

In the original DOA, I’ve tackled over a dozen resorts across a range of countries. 

2. Boot and Binding Pairings

I rode this board with a variety of setups. 



  • DC Judge

3. Board Size

At 190lbs and Size 10 boots (US), I ride anywhere from 155cm to 160cm.

On the Super DOA I opted for the 156. I prefer the shorter end of the spectrum for the more freestyle-focused decks. 

Board Length Weight Range (kg) Weight Range (lbs)
152cm 50 - 68 110 - 150
154cm 54 - 81 119 - 179
156cm 59 - 86 130 - 190
158cm 63 - 90 139 - 198
160cm 72 - 100+ 159 - 220+
155 Wide 59 - 86 130 - 190
158 Wide 63 - 90 139 - 198
161 Wide 72 - 100+ 159 - 220+
163 Wide 77 - 104+ 170 - 229+

If you’re unsure about your sizing, check out our snowboard length and width calculator

First Impressions

Yep, this thing does not disappoint. 

They’ve kept it pretty similar to the 2024, swapping out the monotone colour-way for army green. 

It’s a little more understated than the average CAPiTA deck, but I’m a fan for sure. 

capita super doa

Two things will immediately pop out for you. 

  1. This thing is super lightweight, certainly more so than the original model. 
  2. The 3D modelling is more pronounced than expected. The “trenches” on the toeside and heelside edges are a nice touch; these function as grab rails whilst carving or spinning.

Flex Rating

The Super DOA has a medium flex rating of 6 out of 10,  leaning slightly towards medium-stiff.

This provides a good balance between responsiveness and forgiveness, perfect for aggressive all-mountain riding.

flex rating 6

When compared to the original model (rated a 5.5) it’s marginally stiffer, but nothing crazy. 

Camber Profile

The Super DOA features CAPiTA’s Resort V1 Hybrid Profile

You’ll find traditional camber between the feet, zero camber (flat) after the inserts and a slight rocker towards the tip and tail. 

There’s also “Flat Kick” technology on either end, providing a flatter section to pop from and improved powder float. 

The Review

Carving and Edge Hold

The Super DOA provides solid edge hold. It’s certainly capable of some precise and powerful carves. The camber zones underfoot helped to maintain stability and grip, even on hard-pack. 

I would have liked to see some edge-hold technology really (like Magne-Traction), but it does a great job without…

This is partly down to the generous effective edge

You’ll notice that my 156cm Super DOA has a longer effective edge than the average 160cm board. Whilst there are other factors involved, this generally means that the Super DOA has more edge in contact with the snow whilst carving. 

This (potentially) means stronger carves than other boards of the same size; allowing me to confidently ride the 156, rather than having to size up. 

Stability at Speed

Definitely suitable for confident, high-speed runs. Bombed some reasonably steep groomers without issue.

Small amount of chatter and vibrations in the thinned out sections of the nose and tail – not a big deal though. 

Park and Pop

Pop – or rather pop initiation – has always been a strong suit of the DOA. Okay, it may not be the most poppy deck overall. But it certainly has some of the most accessible pop in the game.

What do I mean by this?

Some boards have lots of pop, but require a meaty amount of pre-load and muscle to get there. The DOA (and Super DOA) has Flat Kick technology, meaning the tail has a flat section and is pretty much engaged at all times.

It therefore takes very little effort to produce a very generous amount of pop. 

This translates well to park jumps (including the XL line), as well as spins and side-hits. 

Jibs and presses aren’t quite as well catered for, although the board is perfectly capable (if you are). For pure jib-happy park laps, you ideally need a softer board though. 

Butters were surprisingly fun, probably again owing to the Flat Kick tech and blunted nose/tail. 

Powder Performance

While not a powder-specific board, the Super DOA managed moderate powder conditions well (for an all-mountain freestyle board).

The slight rocker in the nose helps with float, but dedicated powder hounds will certainly find it lacking compared to specialized powder boards (like the Telos Backslash).

Who Will Love This Board?

The CAPiTA Super DOA 2025 is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders looking for premium all-mountain performance.

If you’re an aggressive rider who treats the whole mountain like a park, you’ll probably love this board. 

It helps if you have deep pockets though… This thang ain’t cheap!

The Super DOA vs The DOA

The Super DOA certainly adds that “wow” factor. It also has some cool tech and is very fun to ride. 

However… if you are on a tight budget, the original DOA will suit you just fine. Seriously. It’s a multi-award winning board for a reason. Save yourself some beer money and don’t look back.

Plus, the 2025 Defenders of Awesome looks pretty badass. 

My Video Review

Final Verdict

The CAPiTA Super DOA 2025 is a strong contender in the all-mountain freestyle category. It offers a reliable and responsive ride – for those that can handle its more aggressive aspects.

For riders ready to challenge themselves (and their equipment), the Super DOA is a compelling choice. It also has the killer “stoke” factor. 

However… its stiffness and responsive nature may not suit beginners or those who prefer a more forgiving board. And let’s not pretend the price-tag isn’t a little daunting.

Sticking with the original DOA is therefore an entirely reasonable choice (although complete beginners should check out these boards first). 

But what do you reckon? Love it, hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy riding!

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