Inhuman Snowboarding Protection Shorts Review [2024]

by Ben

More Details On The Inhuman Snowboarding Protection Shorts

Inhuman Snowboarding was founded by a Mom and Son team from the Midwest (pretty cool right?). Having fallen one too many times, they went in search of protective shorts. 

They soon found that most options were bulky, inflexible and downright uncomfortable. 

So they designed and built their own!

They were nice enough to send over a pair for us to try out. No money changed hands and this review is entirely unbiased. 

Testing Conditions

About The Tester

Rider: Ben
Weight: 180lbs 
Height: 5′ 9”
15+ years of snowboarding, 10 as a snowboard instructor. 


Size Tested: L


Terrain Tested: Indoor summer freestyle sessions
Falls Taken: Many! I was working on my jibbing and rail skills, so took some pretty tasty hits. 

First Impressions

These look and feel really nice. The spandex material is super stretchy. It also feels pretty breathable. 

The padding on the hips is super light-weight and relatively thin, but conforms really nicely to your hips. 

By contrast, the tailbone/butt protection is very thick. I experimented by having my other half punch me… I felt nothing.  

The waistband feels premium and holds the shorts in place really well. 

inhuman snowboarding protection shorts
inhuman snowboarding protection shorts


Very comfortable. 

I did find that they need to be worn a little high on the waist in order for the butt padding to stay in the right place (slightly higher than on the picture below). This wasn’t uncomfortable and may be because I’m somewhere between a size M and L. 


As already discussed, the hip padding is thinner and more flexible whereas the tailbone pads are thick. 

This worked exceptionally well. I took a slam directly on a down rail and lived to tell the tale! 

I suspect without padding, I’d have been severely bruised (or worse). 

I did note the absence of thigh padding (unlike the Rippl Shorts). I suspect this may have been a tactical decision in order to maximise flexibility and reduce bulk. 

inhuman snowboarding gear


For impact shorts, these are extremely flexible. Your thighs are able to move unhindered. As the majority of padding is higher up, there is very little restriction. 

I was able to tweak out grabs without issue.

inhuman snowboarding shorts from the front


Retailing at $64.99, there are cheaper shorts on the market. That being said, they’re unlikely to be as flexible or high quality. 

It’s also great to support USA-based small businesses whenever you can. Plus, you currently get 10% off with their discount code (PROTECTED10).


I found these to fit pretty true to size. I’m normally around a 32-33 inch waist. I therefore usually wear a medium or large. 

I opted for the large which was comfortable and left room for some post-Christmas expansion. I’m pretty sure I could have squeezed into a medium if I wanted a tighter fit. 

Size Waist (Inches)
S 28-30
M 30-32
L 32-34
XL 34-36

If you’re significantly larger than a 36 waist, you’ll need to opt for another product from our list of top impact shorts. Although if larger sizes become available, I’ll update the review. 

Other Products from Inhuman Snowboarding

The brand currently offers a clothing line. I’m a big fan of the hoodie in particular. 


Overall, the Inhuman Snowboarding protective shorts impressed me. They were flexible, comfortable and offered great protection – particularly to the butt area. 

If you’re in the market for protective shorts and prioritize comfort and flexibility over padding and bulk, these are the shorts for you. 

You’d also be supporting an American family-based snowboard start-up. Which is pretty cool. 

Happy riding! 

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