endeavor archetype snowboard review 2025

Endeavor Archetype Snowboard Review [2024]

by Fraser

Looking for a board that can handle everything from icy morning laps to pristine powder?

Enter the Endeavor Archetype Snowboard, a true all-rounder that comes alive in the deep stuff. 

Or so they say. But does this board live up to its prestigious reputation? 

Spoiler alert… yes!

Don’t let its sleek design fool you—this board has some serious chops. Let’s break down what makes the Archetype Legacy a contender for your next acquisition. 

The Endeavor Archetype [Product Roundup]
9.55/10 Our Score

Best For: All-Mountain Freeride
Profile: Hybrid Camber
Base: Dura Surf 4001 Sintered
Shape: Tapered Directional
Additional Features: Smoothride Sidewalls, Phonon Topsheet

  • Loads of character!
  • Unique and super fun
  • Lightweight construction
  • Clean aesthetics
  • Way more versatile than expected
  • Powder & Carving capable
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing

✖️Not especially beginner friendly
✖️Less powder-focused than advertised

About The Brand

Endeavor Snowboards, a Canadian brand established in 2002, has consistently stood out for its commitment to innovation and quality.

Based in Vancouver, the company prides itself on its in-house design. This includes their testing facility, the Archetype Lab, where the latest technologies and materials are explored.

The brand is also well-regarded for producing durable and high-performance boards that cater to all styles of riding. I’ve personally had some of my most memorable days on the mountain with an Endeavor between my feet (no innuendo intended). 

I was therefore super stoked to get another go on the infamous Archetype. 

About The Board: The Endeavor Archetype

There are now several versions of the Archetype:

  1. The Legacy (the model I tested)
  2. The Acetate
  3. The Limited Edition “Veneer” (what a beauty!)
the endeavor archetype veneer snowboard

There are some very minor differences between the three options, most of which are aesthetic. The exception to this is the Legacy’s new “Phonon Topsheet“, which promises to be lighter (by allowing one less layer in the manufacturing process) whilst also being stronger and snappier. 

I look forward to putting this to the test!

Testing Conditions

1. Terrain

Damn near everything!

I actually tested this board for the first time in around 2016/17. I’ve put a lot of mileage on various iterations of this board since then!

2. Boot and Binding Pairings

I’ve ridden his board with a variety of setups. Most recently:

  • Burton Cartel EST bindings with DC Judge boots. 

3. Board Size

At 190lbs and Size 10 boots (US), I normally ride anywhere from 155cm to 158cm.

On the Archetype I therefore went for the 158, which has a waist width of 260mm. This is obviously wider than your standard 158 board, meaning toe and heel drag weren’t a concern. 

If you’re unsure about your sizing, check out our snowboard length and width calculator (and cross-check against Endeavor’s charts). 

Board Length Rider Weight (lbs) Rider Weight (kgs)
154cm 140-190 65-85
157cm Wide 150-200 68-90
158cm 150-200 68-90
160cm Wide 150-200 68-90
162cm 150-200 68-90
164cm 150-200 68-90

First Impressions

When unboxing the Endeavor Archetype Legacy, the first thing you notice is it’s understated and modern design (okay, maybe the tail shape – but I’ll get to that).

The top sheet features a minimalist and clean aesthetic. I much prefer this to the crazy graphics popularised by certain brands (cough – Lib Tech – cough). 

endeavor archetype side-on

The construction feels solid yet lightweight, probably a fair degree lighter than previous models – though it is a few years since I tested one. 

You’ll notice that the metal edges go the full way round, including the swallowtail. This is a MUST with boards like these, otherwise you’re on a one way train to delam-ville!

Overall, it’s certainly stoke-worthy on first glance. 

The Tail Shape!

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s something a little unusual about this board’s tail shape. In fact, half of it appears to be missing!

Taking inspiration from surfing’s classic fish tail design, swallowtail snowboards have a large cutout section (though admittedly few are as large as on the Archetype).

endeavor archetype swallowtail

This design aims to provide a looser and surfier ride in powder. It also allows the tail to sink, elevating your nose and reducing leg burn. Swallowtails can also reduce friction on slashes and short-radius turns, all whilst helping to “catch your rotation” when spinning into powder. 

But the best thing about them? You can send up epic rooster tails every time you slash a powder pocket!

Flex Rating

The Archetype Legacy has a medium-stiff flex rating. I found this strikes a perfect balance between support and forgiveness.

This makes it versatile enough to handle everything from aggressive carves to playful park sessions (though landing switch is not for the faint-hearted).

The flex is fairly consistent throughout the board, other than the nose which is notably softer. This made for some epic butters, especially in powder. 

Camber Profile

This board features Endeavor’s “Hover Camber”, a hybrid camber profile with traditional camber between the feet and rocker towards the tip and tail. 

The nose rocker is far more pronounced, which you’d expect given it’s powder performance. 

hover camber diagram - endeavor

I was a little surprised by just how much camber the board has, especially for a “powder board”. However, I soon appreciated the familiar pop and carving ability. It certainly didn’t feel hangy or catchy (although the swallowtail tips can catch during butters if you’re not concentrating). 

The Review

Carving and Edge Hold

The hybrid camber profile contributes to superb edge hold, allowing for crisp, clean carves on groomed runs.

The transition from edge to edge feels smooth and effortless (despite the larger waist width), making it a joy to ride on hardpack. The Smoothride sidewalls definitely helped here!

I did find that it generally prefers longer radius carves over short ones, except in powder when the tail becomes agile – almost like a boat rudder. 

It doesn’t have edge tech like Magne-Traction or Grip-Tech but was perfectly capable without it.

It’s fun. If you like carving, you’ll like it. 

Stability at Speed

The medium flex and solid build of the Archetype Legacy gave it some impressive stability at speed. It holds its line well through variable conditions and doesn’t get shaky or unstable, even when pushing the limits on steeper terrain.

There is a little nose chatter at top speeds. I wondered whether this is a little more noticeable with the new Phonon Topsheet – however no more so than most directional long-nosed decks. 

Park and Pop

Thanks to its balanced flex, pre-tensioned top sheet and generous serving of traditional camber, the Archetype is more fun in the park than it has any right to be. 

The uplifted tail retains some of the feeling of the traditional snowboard shape. It’s easy to load up for jumps and provides ample pop for ollies and nollies. This uplift also prevents those unusual shape swallowtails from diving into the snow. 

endeavor archetype legacy snowboard

However… you’re clearly not buying this board to purely ride park on (unless you’re a trendsetting maverick, in which case, I salute you).

Don’t expect mind blowing jump ability, but expect higher than average for a board of this shape (of which there are admittedly very few). I also found it was better to pop with a relatively flat base, otherwise one of the tails may not engage.  

Powder Performance

This is where I disagree slightly with Endeavor. While the Archetype Legacy performs admirably in deeper snow, it’s not quite the powder specialist they pitch it as. 

Rather, I’d call it a versatile all-mountain freeride board that happens to perform really well in powder. The rocker in the tip and tail certainly help to keep the nose up, providing a surfy and enjoyable ride.

However, a true one-trick-pony powder board like the Rossignol Sushi or Jones Storm Chaser will outperform the Archetype when there’s a couple of feet of fresh. Though good luck riding icy groomers or chopped up crud on either of those!

Who Will Love This Board?

The Endeavor Archetype Snowboard is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who need a dependable all-mountain board, with excellent powder capabilities. 

It’s particularly suited for those who enjoy a mix of groomed runs, off-piste adventures and only the occasional park lap. 

Riders who appreciate a board with a little more character and “uniqueness” will find this a great fit.

My Video Review

Final Verdict

The Endeavor Archetype Snowboard (in any of the various options) is a standout choice for those looking for a high-quality, all-mountain board that doesn’t shy away from powder.

Its balanced flex, hybrid camber profile, and solid construction make it a reliable choice for most riders.

I also particularly appreciated the chance to ride something a little different, a far cry from the cookie-cutter shapes that have flooded the market lately!

This board is a testament to Endeavor’s commitment to quality and innovation, making it a worthy addition to any snowboarder’s quiver.

But what do you reckon? Love it, hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy riding!

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