telos back/slash snowboard review

Telos BackSlash Snowboard Review [Limited Edition 2024]

by Fraser

Time to take a deep dive into the Telos Backslash Snowboard, the board that’s been making waves for its reportedly unparalleled powder performance.

But what makes this review even more exciting?

Well, I was able to test out the upgraded limited edition Carbon version. Spoiler alert – it’s a beauty!

So buckle up and we’ll explore what makes this board tick (minus the fluff).

The Telos Backslash Carbon [Product Roundup]
9.5/10 Our Score

Best For: Freeride/Powder
Profile: Hybrid Camber
Base: Sintered P-Tex 4000
Shape: Tapered Directional (17mm Taper)
Additional Features: DFD™ core, Setback (25mm)

  • Advanced vibration dampening
  • Lightweight yet stable
  • Versatile for powder and groomers
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Exceptional powder performance
  • Can be sized-down for added agility

✖️Higher price point
✖️Less park-capable (as you'd expect)

*The original Back/Slash has similar pros and cons (though is admittedly a little heavier). It's also more playful and forgiving. 

About The Brand

Telos have quickly carved (see what I did there) a niche for itself in the snowboarding world, balancing innovative designs with a focus on sustainability.

They stand out for creating boards that deliver on performance, such as the Back/Slash, without breaking the bank (although the carbon version might strain your credit card a little).  

Their commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing, including the use of VOC-free inks and recyclable packaging, showcases their dedication to both the sport and the planet.

In essence, Telos is for riders who demand excellence but also care about their impact on the environment.

About The Board: The Telos Back/Slash

There are now two versions of the Telos Back/Slash Snowboard:

  1. The OG version (pictured)
  2. The upgraded Carbon version
regular version of the telos backslash

Both boards are packed with enviable amounts of tech. But as you may have guessed, the limited edition model features carbon fiber (as opposed to fiberglass). 

This shaves even more weight from the board, making it super lightweight whilst retaining the precision and snap. 

The trade off with carbon is often its propensity to transmit micro vibrations and chatter.

Telos have combatted this with DFD™ (Dual Frequency Dampening) technology. By combining aluminium with specially formulated D3O® foam they claim to have solved this issue.

I’m looking forward to putting this statement to the test!

Testing Conditions

1. Terrain

Mostly powder (Japan delivered the goods this season) with intermittent groomer sessions and a brief foray into the park. 

2. Boot and Binding Pairings

I rode this board with two different setups:

  • Burton Genesis Step-On Bindings with Burton Ion Boots
  • Rome Katana Bindings with DC Judge Boots

3. Board Size

This board is majorly volume-shifted, meaning it’s short and fat… like me!

At 190lbs, I normally ride anywhere from 155cm to 158cm.

On the Back/Slash I opted for the 148cm. The volume underfoot is still bigger than my 156cm Burton Fish, and with an impressive waist width (26.6cm) there is no risk toe-drag. 

Height Weight Limit
143cm* up to 150lbs / 68 Kg
148cm up to 200lbs / 90Kg
153cm up to 230lbs / 105Kg
158cm big boys and big backcountry mountains

*The 143 is only available in the original version. The Carbon version starts at 148. 

First Impressions

I’m not easy to impress, but I was super stoked on this deck. It genuinely oozes quality. 

It’s one of the lightest boards I’ve ever handled, whilst sporting an incredibly premium feel. I can certainly see why you’d be tempted to drop the extra 300 bucks for the upgrade. 

telos back/slash carbon limited edition

It does feel pretty stiff, especially torsionally. How this translates to riding is yet to be seen!

The camber section towards the back of the board was more prominent that I expected (which is the same on both versions of the board).

If Telos have got this right, it has all the ingredients of a hard-charging, poppy, powder-slayer. 

Flex Rating

Telos give both versions of the Backslash a flex rating of 7. This feels about right, though the Carbon version is a touch stiffer (as you might expect). 

Check the size guide carefully. Oversizing this board will lead to an unnecessary battle that you might not win. 

Camber Profile

The Back/Slash uses their “setback camber with long nose rocker” profile. A helpfully descriptive name!

telos backslash snowboard profile diagram

This features traditional camber towards the back foot, providing edge-hold, precision and pop. 

To boost powder performance, there is an extended Rocker (reverse camber) section towards the nose. 

The Review

Carving and Edge Hold

The Back/Slash is already a super fun board for carving. The width, camber profile and flex pattern are the trio you never knew you needed. 

However… the Carbon edition, with its Dual Frequency Dampening (DFD™) tech, brings a new level of precision and edge hold.

The unique blend of vertical aluminum and D3O® foam within the board’s core not only smooths out the ride… it allows you to enjoy the response of carbon without the drawbacks. 

This does mean that it requires a little more power and “oomph” than the regular version. Lazy, low speed, front-foot-steering carves are far less of a feature. 

Stability at Speed

One of the Back/Slash Carbon’s standout features is its stability at super-speed. This is certainly helped by the Carbon construction, which keeps the board light yet responsive underfoot. 

Both boards also benefit from Telos’s premium sintered base, which receives a full hot-wax prior to shipping. 

telos backslash carbon snowboard base

However… as with any volume-shifted snowboard, remember that you’re sacrificing length in exchange for width and agility.

This inevitably means accepting a much shorter effective edge. In fact, you may be working with 8-10cm less than your standard Freeride board!

I certainly noticed this when railing a carve at high speeds. It didn’t wash out or anything, but I was aware of a little more movement. I therefore found myself dialling back my speed slightly compared to my longer boards. 

I was particularly aware of this when tackling icy patches, where a little extra length is always nice (no innuendo intended). 

On powder, the above was of course a non-issue. 

Park and Pop

You didn’t buy this board for park riding… or at least, you shouldn’t have!

Don’t get me wrong, its construction allows for a playful yet responsive flex, making it capable of some impressive pop (for a powder board). But this bad boy was clearly designed for elsewhere. 

Nonetheless, compared to popular volume-shifted boards like the Burton Fish or Rossignol Sushi, the Backslash has a little more tail to work with. This reduced my chances of going over the backseat during landings, and provided more leverage for ollies. 

In a moment of madness, I did actually hit a few jib lines on this board (sorry Telos). In fairness, the wider waist width made for some nice 50-50’s and the occasional board-slide. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this though!

Powder Performance

Designed to surf powder and seamlessly transition through varied terrain, the Back/Slash Carbon certainly shines in the deep stuff.

The long nose rocker not only facilitates effortless floatation in powder, but the camber section ensures stability and responsiveness when the powder gets tracked out.

testing the telos backslash carbon in powder

Overall this is an all-terrain vehicle, optimized for powder but unwilling to compromise on performance elsewhere (except the park). 

Who Will Love This Board?

The Telos Back/Slash Carbon (and original version) is perfect for the rider who demands a freeride board as versatile as they are.

If you’re someone who loves exploring all corners of the mountain, from untouched powder fields to groomed runs and everything in between, and values a board that can keep up with your adventures without wearing you down, this is your match.

Additionally, any fellow eco-conscious riders will appreciate Telos’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices​. A nice little bonus!

My Video Review

Final Verdict

The Telos Back/Slash Carbon is a testament to what modern snowboarding gear can achieve.

It blends cutting-edge technology with sustainable manufacturing to deliver a powder riding experience that’s hard to match.

It is not however, a “daily driver” as advertised (unless your daily riding consists of mostly freeride and powder). 

Instead, you should consider adding this board to your quiver as a versatile yet high-performance powder option. Pairing the Backslash with an all-mountain board (like the Telos Chillum) would make for a perfect two-board quiver. 

But what do you reckon? Love it, hate it? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy riding!

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