what to wear first time snowboarding

What To Wear On Your First Time Snowboarding

by Fraser

Before you head out on your first snowboarding venture, you need to look the part. You also need to be warm and ready to ride.

So let’s talk about what to wear on your first time snowboarding. 

What to wear first time snowboarding:

  1. A Helmet
  2. Goggles
  3. Socks
  4. Ski/Snowboard Pants
  5. A Jacket
  6. A Snowboard Hoodie
  7. Snowboard boots
  8. Gloves
  9. Inner Layers
  10. Protective gear!

None of these will come as a particular surprise, but there’s a little more detail you need to know. Keep reading…

Unless you’d rather check out to the complete guide to snowboarding for the first time which covers all this and more. 

What To Wear On The Slopes

Below, you’ll find everything that you need to wear on your first time snowboarding. I’ve assumed you’ve already hired or bought your own board so this won’t be covered. 

1. A Helmet!

Much like other activity involving speed – you need a helmet. It goes without saying that your brain is pretty important. Protect it!

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to buy one. All hire shops should have them – just make sure it fits and is comfortable. 

2. Goggles.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realise is how much glare comes off the snow. Sunlight bouncing off a white surface – you do the math!

You need to protect your eyes.


Plus, when you factor in wind and debris that can be blown into your eyes, sunglasses won’t cut it. You need polarized ski goggles to protect your eyes.

If you don’t already have a pair, these are the best budget snowboarding goggles.

3. Socks.

Contrary to what you may think, thick socks are not the best idea!

Snowboard boots are insulated, so they will keep your feet warm. Instead, you want thinner, synthetic socks that are designed to wick moisture away. They also need to be long enough to protect your shins from the top of your boots.

It’s therefore so important to get specialist snowboard socks. You’ll thank me later.

These are my personal favorite socks:

Best Snowboard Socks
Burton Mid-weight Snowboard Socks
Burton Mid-weight Snowboard Socks
  • A true snowboarding essential 
  • Never underestimate the value of good, specialized seamless socks!
We may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

4. Ski/snowboard Pants.

These are pants that have specifically designed to keep you both warm and dry. As a rookie snowboarder, you will inevitably fall and land your bum at least once. Good quality pants will stop water from coming through, as well as block the wind too. 

5. A Jacket.

Like your pants, your jacket needs to be both weather and waterproof. You don’t want it to be too tight or too thick, as this will limit your movement and breathability.

Breathability is important, otherwise your sweat will get trapped. This isn’t just gross, it’ll also make you cold and wet!

Internal pockets can help to keep valuables safe though we don’t recommend taking too much with you when you board. 

6. A Snowboard Hoodie.

A flexible alternative to a jacket. It’s also a great item to wear around the resort/mountain. I never go on a snowboarding trip without bringing at least one. 

Here are the best snowboarding hoodies you can buy.

7. Snowboard Boots.

Snowboard boots are specifically designed to clip into your snowboard and keep you attached to it. Chasing a snowboard down a hill is not fun – take it from me.

You can hire boots or purchase your own. Getting your own is preferable as they’ll be a better fit, but this presents an extra expense – so the choice is up to you. Whatever you decide, you want your boots to be snug but not too tight that they’re uncomfortable.

8. Gloves.

When it comes to gloves, steer away from anything cotton. They will get wet, which in turn will make you cold – not ideal. Look for gloves that are waterproof and insulated and preferably good quality.

9. Inner Layers.

Let’s talk about layers.When it comes to layers, thin, waterproof thermals are the way to go. Cotton sucks in the cold and wet, so avoid it if you can. Again, layering up too much will cause you to sweat too much. 


10. Protective Gear!

Let’s face it… you’re going to fall. A lot. This is all part of the fun! What’s not so fun is going home bruised up and battered. I strongly recommend picking up some impact shorts. Check our my review of the Rippl Impact Shorts for more details. Another definite worthwhile investment is some wrist guards.

Editor's Choice
Rippl Plant-Tec™ Wrist Guards
  • Fits like a glove (and under your gloves!)  
  • Flexible whilst still offering great protection.
  • Easy to strap down securely. 

10% discount code: SNOWBOARDINGDAYS


Before you go snowboarding, make sure to check off all the items on this list!

I’d also recommend browsing our other articles to kickstart your snowboarding journey. 

Happy riding my friend!

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Harry May 30, 2023 - 5:18 pm

Would you wear a hoody on your first time snowboarding? or a jacket?

Fraser June 12, 2023 - 8:49 pm


Personally, if I was going to wear a hoodie it would need to be waterproof. You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting down!
A jacket is probably better overall. You could get away with a hoodie in warmer months or riding indoors though.
I always take both if my budget can stretch to it. Happy riding!


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