A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Snowboarding Jacket

by Fraser

If you are preparing for your first snowboarding trip, it is essential that you invest in the basics. The jacket is a crucial part of your snowboarding gear and it will protect you from the elements while you are out on the slopes.


When choosing a jacket, it is wise to opt for a functional garment that is comfortable and durable. Your jacket must be able to withstand wear and tear so it is essential that you choose a brand that is recognised for using premium quality materials. Whether you are a basic snowboarder or have been going for years, you will need a jacket that is waterproof and breathable.


The more high tech features you get the more you will have to pay but the jacket you decide on will of course depend on your budget and your skiing ability. If you are a beginner and you just want a simple jacket that won’t break the bank you can still take advantage of high performance features such as removable hoods, mesh lining, stretch panels and venting zips. However, if you are an experienced skier and expect to be doing a lot of cross country skiing, you may consider investing in a shell Jacket as your body temperature will heat up quickly and these jackets are ideally lightweight. Advanced features include underarm ventilation zips and detachable snow skirts.

Are There Any Alternatives?

I’m a big fan of a well-rated riding hoodie. These are a comfortable and practical alternative to a jacket. However, they will never have the waterproof rating or insulation of a quality jacket. I’d suggest using them more as an adjunct for warmer days, and still having a quality jacket on standby.


The perfect snowboard jacket will incorporate just the right balance between function and fashion bringing you a jacket that is both durable and stylish. If you want to look good on the slopes, go online to discover a variety of ski and snowboard wear brands and you are guaranteed to be spoiled for choice.

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