Snowboard wall mounts – two options we think you’ll like!

by Fraser

So you want to hang your snowboard on the wall? Their are 2 things we suggest, one is the frugal way using wine corks and the other is a relatively cheap option from Amazon called HangTime™board mounts.

1. Use Wine Corks! 
They will cost you nothing – unless you don’t drink wine and need to buy 2 bottles of wine to get the 2 wine corks you will need! Good for the handy men and women boarders out there. For those who want a snowboard mount that is a little more tried and tested and not too expensive then check out below.

2. HangTime™ board mounts 

For those who want something tired and tested and affordable to hang their snowboard on the wall their is HangTime™board mounts which cost $19.99 from Amazon

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