Wearing Snowboard Goggle Straps Under Your Helmet – Debate!

by Fraser

You may well have noticed a few riders wearing their goggle straps under their helmets. You’ve probably been wondering why they do this. Does it make a difference? Should you wear snowboard goggle straps under your helmet?

You can wear your snowboard goggle straps under your helmet, as long as the helmet still fits you snugly. Wearing them under the helmet makes it easier to remove the helmet. Putting them over makes it easier to remove the goggles. Both options are safe so long as there is no gap between the goggles and helmet.

I know what you’re thinking, which one is most accepted amongst the snowboard community? Read on to find out!

wear snowboard goggle strap under helmet


Why Do Snowboarders Wear Goggle Straps Under Their Helmet?

Snowboarders wear goggle straps under their helmets to prevent gaps between the goggles and helmet. It also makes it easier to wear a beanie hat under the helmet. It’s also easier for those who need to remove their helmet regularly, such as competition snowboarders. In reality, it’s also in large part due to fashionability and current trends. 

Because the goggles essentially seal the gap between your forehead and the helmet, you’re more protected from the elements since you don’t have to worry about getting chilled or sweating in that area. 

You can wear your goggles over or under your helmet, but the latter option is best when there’s a large gap between your forehead and goggles. Wearing the strap underneath can allow you to wear a beanie hat. This closes the opening so that your skin doesn’t feel the sting of rushing air.


Should You Wear Goggle Straps Under or Over Your Helmet?

You can wear your goggle straps under or over your helmet without worry. Both methods protect you, so it is a matter of personal preference. Putting the straps under is best if you need to remove your helmet often.

However, the opposite is true for beginners who never take their helmets off. They may want to put the straps over their helmet for convenience instead.

You can quickly figure out which method is best for you by feel. All you have to do is try wearing your goggles both ways at home. Then, pick the one that’s more comfortable without affecting your visibility.


How To Wear Ski Goggle Straps Under Your Helmet.

Wearing goggles under your helmet is easy. 

  1. Wear a beanie first. Most people prefer to put a beanie on first because it stops the goggle straps from pulling on their hair. It also helps to keep them warm.
  2. Put the goggles over the beanie and readjust the straps to fit snugly. They shouldn’t be so tight that they hurt, but they shouldn’t slide around while you’re on the slopes either.
  3. Put your helmet on. To test whether your helmet fits properly, put two fingers under your chin strap. If the fingers fit just right, then the helmet’s fit is just right. If they feel too loose or too tight, adjust accordingly.

This short YouTube video shows how to put your helmet on using the strap placement methods above: 


Is There A Downside To Wearing Them Over Your Helmet?

Nope, not really.

Some will argue it’s harder to remove your helmet this way, but really you just need to lift your goggles up before you take it off. Also, do you really need to take your helmet off all that often?

Remember – goggles have been designed to be worn over your helmet. There’s no reason you can’t do this if it’s more comfortable for you. The only exception is when there is poor helmet-goggle compatibility. This makes the goggle sit away from your face and leaves a draft/gap. Avoid this by trying them on together when you buy!


Which Way Is Cooler?

Who cares. So long as you’re out there and shredding, no self-respecting snowboarder or skier will judge you for your goggle strap preference. Just make sure you don’t have a gaper gap


Final Thoughts

There’s been a lot of back and forth between both snowboarders and skiers on how to wear goggles correctly.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. If you consistently wear them with your helmet, you should be safe to shred. Technically, there’s no right or wrong answer — so wear them in a way that feels most comfortable for you.

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