#RIDEMORE with O’Neill

by Fraser

Just recently, O’Neill have kicked off a global mission to get people riding more. Not just riding more – but also sharing the experience. In their words, this is what #RIDEMORE is about:

“Why? Because every day can’t be a bluebird powder day. Some days you can’t even get to the mountain. Some days the best riding is in your hometown. #RIDEMORE is about finding alternative ways to ride wherever you are. To find different terrain, to step outside the ordinary, and most of all – be creative.”

I really like this because it struck a chord. After watching so much snowboarding, I think I’ve been conditioned to notice spots when I see them. I used to work in the centre of Newcastle, which has a decent selection to get creative with.  One of those rails is literally on the doorstep. Here’s a fresh perspective:

I like this spot for a couple of reasons. First, with a bit of practice, I think I could 50-50 it. Or at least, make an attempt. Second, it would make a great shot with the Millenium Bridge in the background. Especially at night, when the bridge lights up with different colours…


Get Involved, Prizes Up for Grabs with #RIDEMORE

Every week, O’Neill will be giving away free gear for some of the best city spots. Here’s how you can join in:

#RIDEMORE + #CITYNAME Every week we’ll be giving away prizes of outerwear, accessories and headphones – all you need to do is upload and share images or videos that inspire you to #RIDEMORE on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our Tumblr page…

Upload a picture of your dream city riding spot and at the end of the season O’Neill will make it rideable with a truckload of real snow. Each week one of the most original entries will be rewarded with O’Neill gear #RIDEMORE #CITYNAME

Plus throughout the season local O’Neill stores throughout Europe will be giving away swag and organizing pop-up events to get local riders connecting together and helping everyone to #RIDEMORE.

Here’s a link to O’Neill’s Tumblr page.


Need Some Inspiration?

O’Neill team rider (skier) Paddy Graham has been eyeing up a spot in London’s Trafalgar Square. Like he says, I’m not sure how easy that would be to hit, given the high-profile nature of the location but still, it’s a good looking rail. From Paddy Graham:

“When I’m at the square, this particular kinked rail always seems to grab my attention. It’s a super long rail that goes across four sets of steps, and it would be a great spot to shoot a sequenced photo of me sliding the rail and doing a switch up in between, with the crowded square in it and the National Art Gallery all lit up in the background.”

#RIDEMORE has a good feel to it. Get out there and find some spots. Even better – if you get some snow where you live this winter – go ride them!

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