I consider the Ride DH and the Nitro T2 to be of similar designs. Both are freestyle boards, both have a twin shape, good in the park, yet offering a wider scope than a pure jib board…

Earlier this year in Laax, I was riding the ’05/’06 T2 with MLB bindings, and Martin was riding the ’05/’06 DH with Burton Missions. Both 155cm. We decided to switch setups and then compare notes. After one, long run, this is what we thought:

  • The T2 is lighter than the DH
  • The T2 has a much lower nose and tail, although this may have changed with newer models
  • The sidecut on the T2 is more aggressive than the DH. The DH therefore has a wider waist
  • The T2 is a little more stable at speeds
  • The DH has a smoother feel, a nicer flex
  • The DH has more pop, or at least, it’s easier to pop with the DH. In just one run I noticed some much nicer ollies…
  • Both have good sintered bases

Both really nice boards, I’m not sure which one I prefer more.

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