Whilst in Flims/Laax earlier this year I came across two really good snowboard shops that are worth a mention.


First up is Boarderworld. There’s a Boarderworld in both Flims and Laax, each situated at the base lift. Boarderworld provides equipment rental as well as regular shopping. Due to baggage being left behind at the airport we had to hire some equipment over the first few days: the service was really good. The people working there were friendly, they knew their stuff and they were interested in getting things right.

As well as good service there was also a good selection of equipment for hire. We picked up a little Forum Youngblood which turned out to be an excellent board (it was actually preferred over the board left behind at the airport). I even used the new board size calculator to choose my size – and it worked! Boarderworld is also fairly big with a good selection of new gear to buy. When we were there, towards the back end of the season there was a sweet 40% sale going on. You might not get that every year, but it sure made shopping nice, if not a little too easy.


Next up is Chopp, a cool little snow/skate store in Flims, just down the road from the main base lift. Again the service was good, with a nice selection of street clothing, outerwear and boards. Some less-mainstream products there too. The guy in charge was really laid back, friendly and helpful. Our first visit was an early-morning one, pre-lifts and just around shop-opening time. He appeared from his apartment window from across the road and shouted down to let us know he was on his way over… He obviously really likes his riding, and it shows. It’s definitely worth a look.

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