Native Skate Store, Newcastle

by Fraser

Previously on this blog, I’ve written about the important role the local shops and groups play in the development of a scene – the snowboard scene. In return, by shopping at and supporting local stores, snowboarders can help to contribute to the development of their community…

With spring getting started and summer following, I’m casting the spotlight on Native Skate Store, an example of a shop that’s integrated into the local scene – in this case, the skateboard scene.

Native has been standing firm in Newcastle since 2003, just recently passing the ten-year mark. Compared to snowboarding, I skate infrequently, especially at the moment. But Native has always been my ‘local skate store’. I bought my first deck from them back in 2006 and then a second, my current skateboard, around 2008/2009. Plus a bunch of the other things, good stuff, like skate sneaks, DVDs (back in the day) and the leather Volcom wallet I’ve had for 6 years – it still looks new.


Sponsoring local skaters

A key part of the relationship between shops and the local scene, whether it be snowboarding or skateboarding, is the sponsorship of riders/skaters. The shop helps the skater to do their thing and the skater raises the profile and awareness of the shop.

Native Skate Store is fulfilling this role in Newcastle. They’re currently sponsoring: Will Creswick, Jamie Cairns, James Coyle, Chris Rose, Dan Main, Kurt Mitchell and The Cougar.

Check out some footage from one of their latest additions, Will Creswick. You’re probably going to have to go to YouTube to watch it – it’s worth it. Sick skating and awesome song:


Online since 2005

Native went online back in 2005. I remember being in the store when they were just getting this part of the operation going. Taking orders, packing stuff up and shipping it out…

You can get a idea of the shop size and layout from the picture below. Skate shoes, clothes, decks behind the counter. It’s all available online too, and wrapped up in a well laid out, non-offensive and easy to navigate site. Good job.

Specifically, for the two staples of any skater, check our their selection of skateboards and skate shoes. Support your local store.


Part of the scene

Like any skate store you get a mix of visitors: really good skaters, people new to skateboarding, random shoppers looking for a t-shirt. But Native is often busy with that skater-vibe – because the shop is part of the local skate scene.

They sponsor local skaters, they’ve hooked up shop visits from the Girl, Chocolate, Flip, Cliche and Zero skate teams, in the video below skater Adam Thirtle works at Native…

All of this makes it a place that skaters go, to meet up, to see what’s going on, to hang out and to get the gear they need. It’s a solid part of the Newcastle skate community. It matters.

I’m gonna finish this off with another local skate video, Pigs in Wigs:

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