This is a quick review of my last set of snowboard gloves, made by Level. Unfortunately I’m not totally sure what model they are. I won them in a competition (Onboard Snowboard Magazine) – so didn’t get any of the packaging. The inside label reads “Camo Pro”, so maybe that’s it. But after checking out their site, I couldn’t find them; perhaps they don’t do them anymore…

The main reason for writing about these gloves is that all of my previous gloves have been poor. The majority of my first snowboarding trips were filled with cold-hand-days. Never fun on a chairlift. Seriously, I couldn’t seem to find a decent set. I’d had some entry level gloves by Burton, some expensive gloves from Rome and some Grenade mitts. None of them were up to the job.

I did buy some mittens from Drop: full Gore-Tex with heavy insulation. They’ve always been bone-dry, and super warm. But that’s the problem, they’re often too warm. Then, by chance I randomly received some gloves for free, and they turned out to be awesome!

So what’s so good about them? Here’s the list:

  • They’re under-gloves, my preferred design, fitting easily under your jacket cuff.
  • They’ve got that handy wrist-strap, combined with being easy to whip on and off, so accessing stuff with your bare hands is quick.
  • They’re not too bulky, so zips and other not-so-small items can be worked.
  • They’ve been durable. Admittedly I’ve torn mine – but that was not on the hill…
  • Most importantly, they’ve kept my hands warm and dry. Only on the coldest days have I opted for my mitts.

In a nutshell, they’ve been great. Tech-wise, the wrist strap is that membra-therm stuff (is it like neoprene?). Don’t know much about it, but as under-gloves, which do make you more vulnerable to snow (up the sleeve), they’ve kept my wrists dry. They’ve also got some vent holes on the top of the hand – which may have contributed to the good performance…

Job done. I did look on the Level site to see if I could find them; I couldn’t. There are loads of gloves on there though, and quite a few of them look good. Worth checking out.

I’ve actually just replaced mine with some Dakine gloves: the Cobra model. They’re another fairly-light under-glove (I’ve still got the Drop mitts) and I’ve heard good stuff about them. Hopefully they’ll be as good as my old ones…

Looking for new snowboard gloves? If so, our recommended snowboard brands offer an awesome selection of gloves, and they offer great customer service too!

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