During the 2007/2008 season, we stayed in the Cornerstone Lodge, in Fernie, Canada (BC). The Cornerstone Lodge is in the actual resort, rather than Fernie Town, which is a bus ride down the road. I don’t know the exact price that we paid for the 6 person appartment as we booked as part of a package holiday; based on what we looked at around the time, I think the Cornerstone is middle of the road for the in-resort accommodation. Prices are available on their site.

First off, and probably most important, I thought the location was excellent. Perfect in fact. The Cornerstone is situated right between the two main lifts that take you up (Elk and Timber Bowl Express), and right next to the beginner chair (the Deer). When you step out the door, you can literally be at any of the three lifts in under one minute. Awesome. and depending on what side of the building you’re on, you can look out from your balcony to see if there’s a queue on a powder day, which chances are, there won’t be!

What’s more, you have both the Griz Bar (after-shred-beers-and-nachos) and the ticket office immediately outsite the lodge. There’s also a restaurant and coffee shop on the ground floor of the building. Tight.

If you want on-the-hill, true ski-in, ski-out, the Cornestone is the best, it’s right bang smack in the middle.

If you want to be in Fernie town however, it’s obviously no good. Personally I’d rather have the mountain right on hand; first on the lifts on a powder day. Sure there isn’t much happening in the resort – but I prefer to spend bus-time on the evening and not when there’s good shredding to be had!

The quality of the accommodation was good – especially in the rooms themselves. We had 5 people in a 6 person appartment, which had the typical 2 bedrooms plus double sofa bed. I don’t often like this configuration becuase who wants to sleep in the living room? That said, there was plenty of space.

The bedrooms were nice, spacious and comfortable; good storage space and nice bathrooms. The hot tub was ok – just what you need, soothing and relaxing – but nothing like what’s on offer at the Lizard Creek Lodge. Think indoor health club hot-tub, rather than outdoor luxury, steaming tub, while looking up at the stars. But then again, I think the Lizard is way more expensive…

The only slightly weird thing is where you check in. There isn’t actually a reception in the Cornerstone – you use the reception at the nearby Griz Inn. It’s no biggy – as long as you know what you need to do. If you don’t, you can end up walking around in the cold. It also helps if you’re in a group so that some can stay with the luggage so you’re not hauling it around!

To summarise – if I was going back to Fernie I would stay in the same place. To me, the location was perfect, it was reasonably priced and good quality. What more do you need?

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