My shoulder is improving, but kinda slowly. Just about all of the symptoms have dissapeared now. Trouble sleeping looks like it’s going to hang around for the longest; lying on my front can cause discomfort in the morning.

According to the doc, it’s probably a good time for me to start strength-building excercises. I know that many of you would advise going to a physio, but for now I’m going to start with some real basic shoulder excercises and stretches; see how that goes.

Which brings me on to fitness. Unfortunately there seems to be a trend developing over the last couple of years: I start thinking about fitness a couple of months before I’m due to go snowboarding. That’s bad. It never used to be like that.

Anyhow, I’ve started cycling to work in an effor to add consistent excercise. It’s only 4 miles each way, but on a rusty old BMX (thanks James), with some killer hills thrown in, I end up with a not-so-bad workout. I feel better already.

I also found a snowboard-specific excercise plan, courtesy of Pro Ride Snowboard Camps‘ news letter. As with most excercise plans, I suppose, you won’t find anything ground breaking there. But it’s good to know that people who know what they’re talking about have put the plan together – and targetted it at snowboarding. Plus, the home-made balance board is cool – I might try that!

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