DC Shoes – Skateboarding Fever

by Fraser

DC Shoes have been extremely popular amongst snowboarders who share the same style as skateboarders, and it seems old school is back and it’s time to celebrate originality once again.

The original look is back from the grave – but we all knew that it wasn’t time for burial just yet. DC Shoes were always going to make a fantastic comeback. It was just a matter of whom, where and when.

Whether it’s a retro t-shirt design, the return of the star DC logo that we all recognise or the old school trainers that we all love, DC Shoes have hit the UK designer wear market and made an impressionable impact on British fashion lovers.

Skateboarders Love DC Shoes

So it was a matter of whom, where and when. The skateboarding world has taken DC Shoes and given the old look a new breath of life. DC Shoes trainers can be found in most skate shops – usually with an entire section dedicated to the popular brand.

The trainers bring retro back to the skate world, with bright and contrasting colours – from the clashing combination of bright blue with orange for a bit of added funk, to the classic black shoe with three clean white stripes for minimalism, there is something to suit any skater.

Not Just Rock ‘n’ Roll

The skating world has not only put their official stamp on the DC Shoes footwear, but they have snapped up the range of clothing and turned ‘old’ into ‘vintage’, simply with a board and four wheels. Their rock ‘n’ roll approach to life has given the DC Shoes an added edge.

Extreme Sports Footwear

But it’s not all about how good they look, DC shoes are extreme sports footwear at its best. They are designed with the comfort of every skater in mind. With a thick durable sole, cushioning and ankle support, DC shoes are a favourite amongst skateboarders who require that extra comfort for their slick tricks.

Most extreme sport enthusiasts know that putting their bodies and boards through their paces can takes its toll on their footwear. As a result, they need skate shoes that are durable and hardwearing, particularly in the foot of the shoe. Investing in a well-designed pair can ensure you save money on having to replace skate shoes that don’t make the grade.

Serious Style for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

But you’re not a skater, you don’t love rock music all that much, and you just love the retro/casual look – where else can you get hold of the DC shoes collection?

Just because you aren’t a skater doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the style and superior design of DC shoes. Skate shoes are durable, stylish and comfortable whether you are taking a stroll through town or kite boarding, you can benefit from great footwear design whatever you do.

Find it in the Designer Section

If you are looking for clothing or footwear from the DC Shoes range, you can find the latest collections in renowned and respected designer retailers. You might also want to check out my favorite DC snowboard boots – they’re awesome!

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