chamonix snowboard review

Chamonix Snowboard Review

by Ben

Thinking about picking up a Chamonix board?

Think again!

Read our full Chamonix snowboard review before pulling the trigger.


There might just be better options out there for you…

Chamonix Snowboard Brand Overview

Chamonix Snowboards Review
6.7/10 Our Score


  • Cheap!
  • Not a bad option for beginners
  • Fairly durable
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Good range of boards for women and kids


  • Performance is lacking
  • Minimal tech
  • Very few options for advanced riders
  • Haven't kept up with the innovations being made by other brands in the industry

Who Are Chamonix Snowboards?

Founded in 2017, Chamonix is a relatively new outdoor gear brand. It’s actually the “in house” snowboard brand of The-House snowboard store (the team there are legends)!

They started out with a simple mission, to make snowboarding more affordable and accessible. They believed that there should be no barrier to entry for the snowboarding community – least of all money. 

Whilst this is a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with, quality products unfortunately cost money to research, design and build. I therefore had my doubts. 

But I’m always happy to be proven wrong…

Somehow Chamonix Snowboards managed to produce a whole line-up of budget-friendly boards. Some of them coming in at $200, less than half the average cost of a snowboard.

When I got the chance to demo a few Chamonix boards, I jumped at the chance. 

Let’s see how they held up…  

First Impressions of Chamonix Snowboards

I have to say, the boards certainly look nice on first glance. 

Sure, they feel a little heavy. But the overall construction is otherwise pretty sturdy. 

The graphics are on point too (although I know we’re supposed to pretend not to care about graphics). 

is chamonix a good snowboard brand?

However, here’s the thing about budget gear: you might have to compromise on quality and performance.

When I first hopped on one of these boards (having just been testing our top all-mountain boards) the difference was immediately apparent. 

The board felt a little flat, a little lifeless and a little sloppy. 

But let’s get into my full Chamonix Snowboard Reviews. 

Chamonix Snowboards Detailed Review

About The Boards:

  • Models Tested: Chamonix Lognan, Chamonix Cobra LTD, Chamonix Route SL,
  • Size Tested: 154-157

About Me:

  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Regular shoe size: US Men’s 9
  • Experience: 16+ years of snowboarding, including freestyle and backcountry. 

Testing Conditions:

  • Demoed: October 2022
  • Days Ridden: ~5
  • Bindings: Rome Katana
  • Terrain: All-mountain, we even got a bit of pow!

The Line-Up

Chamonix have got options for men, women, and even kids. They cover pretty much every riding style, and that’s something you won’t find with many other budget brands.

I mainly tested their all-mountain offering, The Lognan. I then hopped on the more freeride focused Cobra LTD and Route SL. 


Overall, the boards performed better than I expected. They held a decent edge and didn’t mind being pushed into some pretty deep carves. 

Of course, they do lack edge hold technology and struggled slightly more on hardpack.  

The pop wasn’t outstanding in any of the boards, though the Lognan boosted me higher than expected a couple of times. 


As already discussed, Chamonix snowboards feel pretty solid at first glance.

They’re heavier than I’d normally like, but that’s to be expected at these price-points. 

Technical Features

Once again, you can’t expect a huge amount of tech in a snowboard this cheap. 


That being said, they do offer sintered bases (excluding the Lognan), FSC cores, poplar stringers and a range of different profiles. 

Value For Money

These boards are damn cheap! 

They manage this by keeping the boards simple, avoiding expensive materials and offering extruded bases in their entry-level boards. 

Their most expensive board is only $350, compared to $1000+ with brands like Jones and Burton. 


Overall, I was more impressed by the price of Chamonix snowboards than the performance. 

Are they a reasonable choice for beginners?

Sure, why not. Although you could buy a second-hand board with more advanced features. 

I’m not saying Chamonix boards are terrible, but they might not have that high-end performance you’re looking for. Especially if you’re an experienced rider.

But hey, if you’re still learning the ropes, a Chamonix board could be a great fit.

Alternatives To Chamonix Snowboards

I don’t want to sound too arrogant, but personally, I wouldn’t choose a Chamonix board. I need something that can handle advanced-level riding and has a bit more to offer. 

Even as a beginner, you might want to consider an entry-level board from a better-rated brand. 

I would recommend checking out:

Is Chamonix A Good Snowboard Brand?

So, we’ve looked at Chamonix boards in detail. What do you reckon? Is Chamonix a good snowboard brand?

Chamonix is an average snowboard brand. Whilst their snowboards are extremely cheap, they lack the advanced features of more established brands. They are therefore better suited for beginner and intermediate riders. 


Chamonix snowboards are a relatively new snowboard brand. They’re just finding their feet, and it shows… for now.  

Their lineup shows huge amounts of potential. 

If they continue to fine-tune their line-up, all whilst keeping their prices this low, then they could be one to watch. 

I’ll update this article each season, so check back for any updates.

Until then, happy riding! 

Update 2024: With The-House being very close to permanent closure last year, Chamonix Snowboards’ production has halted. You may see them on the second hand market, but there will be no new models. 

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