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Mid Wide vs Wide Snowboards – The Width Dilemma!

by Ben

When it comes to snowboards, finding the right width is crucial.

Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it sounds!

If you’re stuck between mid wide vs wide snowboards, this article is for you! 

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The Short Answer

Mid-wide and wide snowboards are designed for riders with larger boot sizes. Mid-wides suit slightly larger boots (US 9-11), reducing toe and heel drag for better control. Wide boards are for larger boots (US 10.5+), preventing boot-to-snow contact and ensuring a smooth ride. Both perform well in powder but require more force to turn due to their width.

Pro Tip: Find your ideal snowboard width with our snowboard width calculator.

Comparison Table

Mid-Wide Snowboard Wide Snowboard
255-259mm 260+ mm
Designed for riders with boot sizes 9.5-11.5 Specifically designed for riders with boot sizes over 10.5
Offers a balance between maneuverability and stability. Provides better control and prevents boot drag. Provides maximum stability. Reduces the risk of toe or heel drag.
Suitable for all-mountain and freestyle riding styles. Best suited for riders with larger boot sizes. Also great for freeride, powder, and carving.
May sacrifice some agility and responsiveness compared to regular boards. May not be as suitable for riders with smaller boots. Can feel less maneuverable. Requires more effort to initiate turns, especially for riders with small-average boot sizes. May not be ideal for park and freestyle riding.

Mid-Wide Vs Wide Snowboard Measurements


Width (mm)Men’s Boot Size (US)


Board Waist Width (mm)Boot Size (US)
Mid-wide to Wide251-26010+

Mid Wide Vs Wide Snowboards

Mid-Wide Snowboards

Mid-wide snowboards falls between a regular-width and a wide snowboard. They offer a slightly wider waist width compared to a standard board, but not as wide as a dedicated wide snowboard.

A mid-wide board therefore strikes a balance between accommodating larger boot sizes and maintaining maneuverability.

For riders who have slightly larger feet (typically around size 10 or 11) a midwide snowboard can be a great option.

They provide enough extra width to prevent toe and heel drag, allowing for stability and control during turns.

The mid-wide design also suits riders who have a more aggressive riding style and want to carve as low to the ground as possible. They also provide a solid platform for powder and landing tricks.

Wide Snowboards

Wide snowboards, on the other hand, are specifically designed for riders with larger boot sizes, typically size 11 and above. These boards have a significantly wider waist width compared to regular or midwide snowboards, ensuring there’s no risk of drag or overhang.

This does mean they’re slower edge-to-edge however. 

You can read more about wide snowboards here. 

The Benefits of Mid-Wide Snowboards

  • Eliminate Toe Drag – a little extra width might be the difference between a pristine toe-side turn and a spectacular wipe-out. 
  • Perfect Sizing – in a world without midwide boards,  riders with slightly larger feet were forced to ride excessively wide boards. Mid-wide boards fill the gap in the market for riders with shoe sizes 10 to 11.5. 

Choosing The Right Width For You

Ultimately, the decision between a midwide and a wide snowboard depends on your specific preferences. Here’s a few factors to consider:

  1. Boot Size: 
    The most important factor. If you’re a size 11.5 or above, stick with a wide board. If you’re a 9.5-11 then a mid-wide snowboard might be the right balance of width – without sacrificing maneuverability. 

  2. Riding Style:
    If you enjoy aggressive carving, freeriding, or deep powder, a wide snowboard can offer the stability and floatation you need. If you’re more focused on park tricks and quick maneuvering, a mid-wide snowboard might be a better fit (if your shoe size allows). 

  3. Snowboard Boot Brand:
    Certain brands (like Burton) use reduced footprint technology to shrink the outer-sole. Size 11 boots from Burton can actually be smaller than Size 10 boots in bulkier brands like Thirty-Two

Remember, it’s always a good idea to try out different snowboards before you buy. Demo days or rental options can provide valuable hands-on experience. Try both midwide and wide boards to get a feel for which suits you best.


Both mid-wide and wide snowboards have their merits. They each cater to different foot sizes, preferences and riding styles.

Try out different options. Go with the width that offers the ideal blend of comfort, control, and unimpaired carving ability. 

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself to ride a board that’s too narrow for you. I tried this last season and had some pretty impressive wipeouts!

Happy riding!

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