VholdR Helmet Cam, the real deal?

Someone suggested that I should check out the VholdR helmet cam, (update: they’re now Contour Cameras), as it might be more durable than the first two that I mentioned… Man this camera looks sick!

The video quality seems pretty good. The mounting to a helmet certainly looks more solid than what I’ve seen with the Oregon ATC-2K, and what’s more, there are other options including a goggle strap mount.

A friend mentioned that it can be troublesome to set up the targetting for the ATC-2K. Well, from what I’ve seen on the website, it looks like the VholdR cam has a rotating lens and a couple of lasers to help set the shot up. Very useful.

The website in general is pretty good. There’s plenty of info on there, specs, features etc, and sample video. There’s stuff about software and the sharing of your videos too, but I didn’t spend any time looking at that.

This camera does seem to be a significant step forwards from the ATC-2K, and it still has the advantage of being a self contained unit, it’s not feeding another camera via a wire. Unfortunately this advancement comes with an increased cost. However, in my experience with taking video for snowboarding, it’s worth paying a little more for better quality. Once you’ve done the trick, slashed the powder, made the turn, that’s it, you only get one chance to record it.

You can pick up the VholdR/Contour cam, and other helmet cams on Evo or Backcountry (links and discounts available here).

I’m still pleased with the ATC-2K purchase. After all, I had a limitted budget, and I’m only after something to suppliment my existing camera given it’s lack of video-in. Small, cheap and handy fits the bill. But if I had more cash to spend, I’d definitely be tempted by the VholdR!

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