Of the boards I’ve been looking at, I’ve decided to group them into 3 categories. Yeah, I know, I’m probably over-analysing this whole thing, but what’s wrong with that when winter is around the corner and you’re waiting for snow? Besides, these boards do have varying characteristics so it’s worthwhile thinking about it, at least a little.

Stiffer, all-mountain freestyle boards

Some freestyle boards are more all-mountain orientated, being slightly longer and stiffer than the “jib board”, often having a directional element to their design and a more aggressive sidecut. Pros like Travis Parker who take their freestyle all over the mountain need something that is gonna work well in powder and be stable on super fast kicker run-ins, etc.

For the likes of myself, this type of board will give me a freestyle-orientated stick that’s got better all-mountain performance than a pure jib board. More basic freestyle tricks and jibbing around are gonna be a little more difficult. Based on what I’ve read I’m gonna class the TP Texas as being a ‘stiffer’ freestyle board.

The T2? Well I’m not sure about this. According to the Nitro blurb, Eero likes the Misfit for back country and the T2 for park and rails (hence his two pro models this year). Seems as though Nitro have the T0 and the T1, and also the fact that Mr. Ettala does insane things in the park and pipe, I reckon the T2 is gonna be stiffer than the other boards that I’m looking at here. And let’s not forget the good old “flex” test I did in the shop.

Eero T2 >>> Travis Parker Texas

I’m gonna rule out the Travis Parker here for the simple reason that the T2 is a twin tip. I prefer a twin tip, so if I’m gonna go for something a little stiffer, then I may as well get the T2.

Softer, pure jib boards

There’s no doubt that the Artifact a jib stick. Easy. Likewise with the Evil Twin. I’m not sure about the Evolution… but for now it feels like I should group it here. They’re all easy flexing true twins, built for park and rails. This type of board is gonna be more suited to lazy jibbing, indoor slope riding and to some extent, my freestyle progression. However I’ll be compramising on things like edge hold, maybe performance in the pipe and general all-mountain stuff.

Artifact and Evolution >>> Evil Twin

It may be folly but I’m going to discount the Evil Twin here. Based on a few test runs I think I prefer the flex design of the Kink over the Evil Twin. I’m pretty sure that the Artifact is gonna have a similar feel to the Kink, and I can get it in a 153 whereas the Evil Twin is either a 51 or 55 – I prefer the 153.

The Sapient Evolution. I’ve got a mate who rides for Sapient and his favourite board for all-situations is the Evolution. The Evolution also did really well in the Transworld Good Wood Test – which should count for something. It’s an appealing board.

Something in the middle?

To be honest I don’t know anything about the Jeenyus ride, but seems as though Eddie doesn’t ride for Jeenyus anymore, he rides for Forum now, there’s no Eddie Wall board to buy. Jeenyus need to update their site…

The Agent isn’t a pure jib stick but I know it’s not that stiff. It’s an excellent board, fast base, good in the pipe, smooth and buttery, probably just what I’m looking for. Something in the middle of the two. However I have owned one before and I’m kinda keen to try something new. Maybe I should consider the Ride DH?

Nitro T1
I’ve just noticed that I missed out the T1. I guess I haven’t been thinking too much about it. For that reason I’m gonna just leave it out. Besides, I think I’d rather go for another Kink ahead of the T1… in fact, I’m going to add the Kink onto the list just in case, I like it a lot.

So here’s the slightly shorter list:

  • Nitro Eero T2
  • Rome Artifact
  • Sapient Evolution
  • Rome Agent
  • Ride Kink

Off the list:

  • Capita Travis Parker Texas
  • Bataleon Evil Twin
  • Jeenyus Eddie Wall
  • Nitro T1

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