I’ve looked into NonStop Snowboard quite a few times; they’re a company that specialises in providing instructor courses and improvement courses in Canada. One of the resorts that they operate from is Fernie.

While we were out there I received a couple of emails from Tom Gordon-Walker at NonStop; it turns out he was reading my blog, sweet! Nice guy actually, and after chatting some, I figured it would be worth checking out the Red Tree Lodge, seems as though it’s run by the NonStop peeps and he asked if I could let him know what I thought…

The Red Tree lodge offers both a restaurant and accommodation. Given that we were already sorted as far as digs go, Ciara and I were there for the food and drink only.

The first thing that I noticed was the atmosphere; a fairly young vibe, fresh and relaxed. The service was prompt and friendly, and continued to be so throughout the meal.

The food was good and there was a selection of local beers on offer. What was refreshing with the Red Tree Lodge was the menu itself – a little more varied than can be found elsewhere in Fernie.

To top it off, the price was nice. Nothing expensive, simply a fair meal. It’s often the case that when new restaurants open they get some of the simple things wrong. Not so with the Red Tree. I was impressed throughout and would definitely recommend a visit it you’re in Fernie!

As we were leaving I took a little look around the place. Having not stayed there I can’t say much about the rest of the lodge – so here’s the official scoop from NonStop:

Red Tree Lodge:

We are proud to be the new owners of a 40 bedroom ski lodge in the centre of Fernie. The ski lodge in Fernie, has undergone $500,000 and has a comfortable welcoming atmosphere with numerous social spaces and fantastic facilities.

As the owners of our own ski lodge and restaurant we can be confident that NONSTOP Ski is the only training company to not only offer first class ski coaching but also fantastic accommodation, meals and recreational facilities.


The ski lodge has spacious bedrooms each with brand new modern furnishing, queen size beds and ensuite bathrooms. Bedrooms have stunning views of the local mountains and some have private balconies.

Communal Sitting Rooms:

We wanted to ensure there are plenty of communal social spaces in the lodge where our clients can meet and socialise, chill out playing cards or watch a DVD. There are four communal sitting rooms spread throughout the lodge each of which has:

  • Comfortable sofas and armchairs
  • Cable TV & DVD player
  • Wireless internet

Swimming Pool:

Yep, that’s right… no ski lodge would be complete without its own indoor swimming pool and spacious hot tub and ours is no exception. So after a hard day riding powder you can loosen your muscles with a few lengths of the pool and a sociable soak in the hot tub. Snowboarding uses most muscles in the body, so this was a godsend!


The lodge also has its own 100 seat restaurant and bar. We have designed this space with a really comfortable homey feel so that it becomes as popular a space to read, play cards and socialise as it is for eating. With a wood burning stove, plenty of comfortable sofas, dining tables, a well stocked bar and fantastic food this is the heart of the lodge. The restaurant is open to the public and serves dinner and breakfast for all our course participants prepared by our team of professional chefs.

Movie Theatre:

Films are good – especially after a hard days exercise on the mountain. We have therefore dedicated a whole room for watching movies. With an overhead projector and rows of comfortable chairs this is the place to sit back, unwind and enjoy an evening in with a good film.

Tuning Room:

If you want high performance it’s important to keep your equipment in good shape. We have a room dedicated to tuning your skis or snowboard with tools and supplies for waxing, edge sharpening and gouge repair. Each of our courses includes a training session on how to tune your gear so you get the most out of your skis or snowboard.

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