The K2 Gyrator is the last powder board in this mini-series of potential powder sticks. Snowboarding in powder has become increasingly popular, and there are therefore new powder boards on the market every day. So how does it stack up against the rest? Does it fit my criteria for a powder board. Let’s take a look…

158 K2 Gyrator:

  • All-mountain shape: nose and tail width are equal at 28.94
  • 1″ setback on the default stance
  • 158cm length option – great for me
  • Rocker design – good for float

K2 Gyrator

Similar to the Ride Slackcountry, the Gyrator has equal nose and tail widths. Again, that’s not a show-stopper, I’d just prefer something with a narrower tail. The setback is healthy at an inch, and like the other boards that I’ve been looking at, the Gyrator is based on a rocker design.

The rocker design is K2’s Powder Rocker – designed for good float and effectiveness on groomers – which is something the average off-piste/slackcountry snowboarder needs. If you aint hiking all day in the backcountry, or using a heli in Alaska – you’ll be using some regular groomers with this board. I think K2 have made the nose and tail stiffer to help achieve this aim.

It’s not the best review – but this video of the 2009 board does given a slight indication of what the board may be like…

Also like the Slackcountry, the Gyrator has been highly recommended in powder-related discussions – more so than the Snow Mullet and Charlie Slasher. The Gyrator definitely has a strong following.

Yet on paper, it’s Lib Tech’s Snow Mullet that seems to be nearest to the mark: it’s got a 1.5″ stance setback, directional shape with the nose being 1″ wider than the tail – and that (all important?) rocker design…

And whilst that might be the case, the Snow Mullet probably received the least recommendations from other riders…

One thing I haven’t done yet is to throw price into the equation. As stated in the beginning, my plan is to pick up a powder board in the sale – as I’m not snowboarding this season. Put some of that saving toward a specialist board that may not get much use on a snowboarding day-to-day basis.

So let’s look at how they stack up:

  • Lib Tech 1986 Snow Mullet – $569
  • Capita Charlie Slasher – $399
  • Ride Slackcountry – $649
  • K2 Gyrator – $549

I’ve taken these prices from Evo – who have a decent range of powder boards. After a quick look around the web, I think they’re the correct retail prices.

Wow, that’s a big difference between the Charlie Slasher and the Slackcountry! That was one of Capita’s goals with that board – to make a powder specific board that wasn’t going to cost so much that you couldn’t afford to use it 🙂

The Gyrator and the Mullet are similarly priced, which is good. So at this stage, I’m going to keep an eye out as the season progresses and maybe pick one up in the sale.

So what do you think? Got one of these boards? Want one? Anything specific to the Gyrator? As usual, add your view with a comment. If you’re interested – here are the links to the other boards:

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