what is powder snowboarding

What Is Powder Snowboarding? Why You’re Missing Out!

by Fraser

You can snowboard on multiple different types of snow, whether artificial or natural. From perfectly groomed slopes to the rugged mountainside.

One snowboarding term you’ve probably heard is powder, but what is powder snowboarding?

Powder snowboarding is when someone snowboards over fresh snow that hasn’t been groomed yet. Powder snowboarding is usually possible right after a fresh snowfall or even while snow is still coming down. It is commonly associated with backcountry riding. 

Powder snowboarding is exactly why Japanese ski resorts are fast becoming a snowboarder’s paradise. Keep reading to find out more about powder snowboarding! 

How Do I Powder Snowboard?

You’ll want to perfect your foundational snowboarding skills before you ride powder.

It takes more expertise than riding groomed trails because you’re riding uncharted terrain. The fresh snow can cover up objects and requires more work from your legs and core.

One of the best ways to start riding powder is simply heading out to the resort on a day with heavy snow. Often you get a few powder runs in before the groomers come and pack the snow down. 

One of the most popular ways to powder snowboard is via the “Slackcountry”. However as you’ll see in that article, this comes with some risk!

Is Powder Snowboarding Difficult?

The good news is that you can start having fun riding powder as soon as you’re comfortable linking turns. You can then master powder snowboarding with a few simple steps. 

Here’s an excellent video from Chris Eyers on how to powder snowboard: 

Is Powder Snowboarding Fun?

You better believe it! 

Powder snowboarding can be a lot of fun, as long as you know what you’re doing!

Some of my best memories are of lapping a powder day with my friends. 

You’re going to love it!

Is Powder Snowboarding Safe?

Powder snowboarding is a little more dangerous than riding groomed trails. Some things that you’ll need to pay special attention to when riding in powder include: 

  • Rocks
  • Tree Wells
  • Large Sticks
  • Crevasses

If you stay on the center of the trail, you can generally avoid these obstructions, but be aware that there’s usually some risk involved in powder snowboarding.

The safest way to powder snowboard is to stick to the groomed runs after a heavy snowfall. 


In conclusion, powder snowboarding is one of the greatest things in the world!

Browse some of my other articles for more information on how to master the art of powder surfing. 

You’ll notice I tend to rave about Japan, but there are plenty of other amazing snowboard destinations.

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