how many snowboard lessons do you need

How Many Snowboarding Lessons Do I Need? Find Out Here

by Fraser

Snowboarding is an epic sport that almost anyone can learn. Trust me – I’m a snowboard instructor! 

It offers those who take to the slopes a rush that few things in life compare to… which is one of the many reasons that the sport is so popular around the world

However, snowboarding isn’t like other sports in the sense that you can simply start doing it. There is a certain level of risk involved, which means that before hitting the slopes you need to learn a few things – which is where lessons come in. 

Now I know what you’re thinking, but how many snowboarding lessons do i need?

The minimum amount of snowboard lessons needed is around 6-8 hours, although this varies significantly from person to person. There are several key factors to consider when deciding how many snowboarding lessons to take.

You want to get this right! Lessons don’t come cheap. You might also have a different goal than someone else when it comes to snowboarding.

So the question is, how many snowboarding lessons do you need personally? 

Keep reading to find out.

How Many Snowboarding Lessons Do You Need As A Beginner?

The short answer – it depends.

Some people will pick up snowboarding quicker than others – that’s just how things are, which is fine. The key is getting to a point where you feel comfortable taking on basic runs on your own. 

On average, it takes between 6-8 hours of lessons for people to get the hang of things. So however many lessons that get you to this total will be how many most people will need.

Typical lessons or instructor sessions are between 2 – 4 hours, so realistically, between 2 and 4 lessons should do the trick. 

If you’re not feeling confident, don’t take on the slopes before you’re ready – the last thing you want is to end up in a crumbled heap at the bottom of a hill!

What Factors Affect How Many Snowboard Lessons You Need?

As mentioned, there’s a couple of things that may mean you need more or fewer lessons. 

  • Age: being super young or slightly older may mean you need more snowboarding lessons. Those in between will likely learn more quickly. If learning to snowboard aged 40+, I highly recommend taking a few more lessons. 
  • Mindset: Determination goes a long way. Those putting in 8-hour days on the slopes will get ahead pretty quickly!
  • Board Sport Experience: as I’ve mentioned before, surfing really helps with snowboarding! This could mean you need fewer lessons.
  • Goals: Those looking to master the basics should be good to go after ~8-hours. However if you’re aiming to get into freestyle snowboarding, you’d probably benefit from more lessons. 
  • Natural Ability: Some people will pick up snowboarding very quickly. However – I’d personally still recommend continuing with at least the minimum amount of lessons. This will avoid picking up bad habits. 
  • Have You Ever Skied? Ok, we already addressed whether you need to ski before snowboarding (you don’t). But you are still likely to pick up snowboarding quicker if you’re an experienced skier. 

What Types Of Snowboarding Lessons Are There?

There are two main types of snowboarding lessons out there:

1. Group Lessons

These are sessions that involve a number of students and one instructor.

You will be with people of a similar age and level of experience. You can therefore relax knowing that you aren’t paired with a bunch of semi-pros having a refresher. 

A group ski lesson - where my winter sports career began many years ago.

Group sessions have the benefit of being more relaxed and cheaper. However, it’s hard to find group lessons that go too far past the beginner level. If you’re wanting to really push yourself and move onto things like jumps and rails, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

2. Private Lessons

If you want one-on-one, dedicated sessions, then private lessons are for you.

These lessons are typically shorter as the instructor’s attention isn’t divided, but they will be more expensive – so there is a trade-off. 

If you’re taking lessons as an intermediate-advanced rider then private sessions are a must. 

What About More Focused Snowboard Lessons?

Once you have the basics mastered, it’s possible to take more specialized snowboarding lessons. 

These include: 

  • Freestyle 
  • Carving 
  • Backcountry 
  • Racing 

Are Snowboarding Lessons Worth it?


Even pro snowboarders have coaches who give them tips and tricks to improve. If it works for the professionals, it’s good enough for me! 

You can’t truly appreciate the value of lessons until you have them. After all, we’re all terrible at identifying our own bad habits. 

My Personal Thoughts On Taking Snowboarding Lessons

In the infamous words of Nike (or Shia Labeouf)… just do it! 

Even if you’re an experienced rider, you could benefit from lessons to fine-tune your carving. 

Personally, I’m also a fan of heading out with local guides. They’ll show you some amazing hidden spots and many are advanced instructors who can give you tips. Many will also capture footage to critique later on. 

how many snowboarding lessons do i need?
An amazing spot a backcountry instructor took me to in the French Alps.

This is evidently for those of you who are intermediate-advanced riders. Or maybe something for those starting out to aim for (only if done safely please). 

The main thing is choosing the right instructor for you and your current ability!

“But lessons are so expensive!” 

Sure, it’s an investment.

My advice is that before you buy a brand new board this year… consider whether the money would be better spent on more lessons. You could get upwards of 10-hours of lessons for the price of many modern snowboards.

I know which one is likely to improve your riding more…


To start snowboarding or improve your current set of skills, one of the best things you can do is to invest in a few lessons.

I’d also recommend immersing yourself in the sport whilst you’re trying to learn.

Watch videos, read blogs (hey you’re doing this one already) and really visualise the movements your instructor has been telling you to do. 

I’m sure you’ll be carving down the slopes in no time. 

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