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Fairly recently I bought a new set of Burton bindings (not for myself). I was intruiged by the “tool free” adjustable straps so thought a few words here might be useful…

I’ll be honest and say that the first time I looked at the straps I didn’t see how the mechanism worked. To me it just appeared to be a plastic cover over the screw that is used to adjust the binding strap length: there was still a screw that required a screw driver of some kind. As the bindings weren’t mine, I gave it no further thought at that point…

It wasn’t until I was on the hill in Flims that I, or we I should say, put the tool-free adjustment to good use.

A friend (with some new Burton Missions) and I decided to swap setups for a run to see what the other’s board was like. When I strapped into his setup I couldn’t get the straps tight as they were too long. Half way down we stopped to take a look at them. You’re supposed to be able to set these without a tool aren’t you?…

It’s actually very simple. You just flick the cap up and then use the cap itself to tighten/loosen the screw. Bingo. The screw stays within the cap which makes it real easy to take the screw out, change the length and then get the screw back in again without losing it. In no time at all I was securely strapped in and getting a good test of a different board.

For sure it’s nothing ground breaking, and you can achieve the same thing with a binding tool, which most people are going to have anyway. It’s probably not a feature that’s gonna sway your decision when choosing new bindings… However, I’d say it provides a less-fiddly and marginally faster way to adjust your straps. It’s really handy – a sweet litlte bonus!

In other news, my sister-in-law is expecting a baby! Which has lead to the question, can you snowboard while pregnant? I did a lot of research and it’s not a simple answer. If anyone can lend any insight, drop me a comment below!

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