It’s a belt, there’s not much to say, right?

That’s fair enough, but here are a few points:

Most of the 686 tool belts come with two tools: a #2 phillips and a flathead. I have seen one with just a single phillips, for skateboarding, but all the snowboarding belts have both.

Is it useful? Definitely. I’ve been caught out twice on the hill, one time I had my tool belt on, the other I was wishing I did, as my right binding had come loose. Most of time someone in the group has a tool, or there are the tools near lift stations – but the tool belt prevents you from ever being stuck, you get screw drivers for free.

The buckles are also designed with an integral bottle opener, sick!

The buckle and loop on the tool belt are both finished well: smooth with rounded edges. You’re less likely to notice this with all your snowboarding gear on, but if you wear the belt off the hill, you’ll find the belt comfortable. No pointy bits of metal sticking into the skin.

There are loads of different styles available, for both men and women; just check out the 686 website, and hope you can find the one you like best in a shop. The belts come in different sizes, so make sure you get the right one. The straps are all 100%, full grain, waterproof leather. They feel good, take on a natural, worn look, and don’t get ruined by all the snow.

They’re comfortable, stylish, useful and they hold you pants up. They make sense!

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