Young Gifted Snowboarders Aged 2-13

by Fraser

Showcasing videos of some of the best kid snowboarders in the World who are taking the snowboarding scene by storm.

Despite their young age, these boys and girls have obvious talent. Nurtured and influenced by their parents, these kids by the time they are in their late teens are destined to be world class.

Starting with the youngest, most 2 years old cannot ride a bicycle at this age, some do not walk until they are 2….let alone balance and turn on a snowboard.

Check out these kid snowboarders in action:

Ava Marie (2 Years Old)

Wesley Muresan (3 Years Old)

Alex Lee (6 Years Old)

Bailey Duran (6 Years Old)

Justin Phipps (8 Years Old)

Kyle Mack (12 Years Old)

Redmond Gerard (12 Years Old)

Marcus Kleveland (13 Years Old)
13-year-old Norwegian star Marcus Kleveland becomes the youngest rider ever to land a Triple Cork.


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