best snowboarding documentaries on youtube

The 3 Best Snowboarding Documentaries On Youtube

by Fraser

Many of the films discussed in our list of best snowboarding documentaries are available online. But let’s take a look at the best snowboarding documentaries on youtube. A couple are more like snowboarding films than documentaries. But they’re equally awesome!

The best snowboarding documentaries on youtube:

  1. The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding
  2. Horgasm: A Love Story
  3. Alignment

I trawled hours and hours of snowboarding footage to find these for you (it’s a hard life I know). So before you head over to youtube for one of these epic snowboarding films, consider subscribing to the blog!

What Are The Best Snowboarding Documentaries On Youtube?

The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding
The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

This is a snowboarding cult classic.

Gritty, real, relatable, beautiful!

Filmed by a snowboarding photographer on the road, this film documents the reality behind the snowboarding lifestyle and how much really goes into getting that one "perfect" shot. 

Horgasm - A Love Story
Horgasm - A Love Story

Furious, fast-paced, funny. 

This snowboarding film doesn't take itself too seriously. 

The perfect recipe for a highly entertaining 30minute distraction!

Torstein Horgmo excels in this short, snappy, youtube masterpiece.

Alignment - Eric Jackson
Alignment - Eric Jackson

Very different to the others, but equally as awesome. 

Alignment is basically meditation in snowboarding form.

Relaxing, awe inspiring... life-changing?

Eric Jackson, I salute you!

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t seen all of the above… take a look and report back!

Do you disagree with my choices?

Let’s battle it out in the comments below.

But be warned, I will defend my choices to the death.

Happy riding.

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