The 7 Best Snowboard Movies on Netflix

by Tom

One of the most frustrating aspects of life as a snowboarder is the lack of quality movies.

Sure, there are a few great films being made, but do they show up on the main content platforms?


So this begs the question, what are the best snowboard movies on Netflix?

Here are the best snowboarding movies on Netflix:

  1. The Art of Flight
  2. First Descent
  3. Higher
  4. Deeper
  5. Chalet Girl
  6. Further
  7. Untouched Projectr 2: Sunny Side of The Alps

Keep reading for an in-depth view of each of the movies on the list.

Alternatively, head over to The 3 Best Snowboarding Documentaries On Youtube. Those bad boys are legitimate snowboard movies, and they’re free!


Best Snowboard Films On Netflix

Still here?

Then let’s explore why each film makes the list. But I should first warn you that Netflix change their selection all the time. Available films also vary depending on your country and region. 

This is why Netflix isn’t so great when it comes to snowboard content. 


1. The Art of Flight

Th best snowboard movie on Netflix is The Art of Flight. This movie is a ‘Red Bull finds’ documentary, first released to the public in 2011.

It scores an impressive 8.2/10 on IMDB!

This entertaining documentary focuses on some of the best snowboarders in the world, just doing what they do best.

the art of flight - best snowboard movie on Netflix

If you’re a fan of epic cinematography, this movie is ideal for you. Expect a variety of mountain top views, shot from various sources, including helicopters. 

If you’re still learning your trade as a snowboarder, you’ll struggle to get better insight into the elite levels of the sport. If you’re an experienced snowboarder, you’ll likely be deeply jealous of the lines these guys are shredding. 

You can read my full Art Of Flight Review here

Update: This is still on the USA Netflix at the time of writing. But it regularly disappears!


2. First Descent

The next snowboarding epic on the list is First Descent.

Released in 2005, First Descent was created by Universal Pictures. It focuses on the history of snowboarding, the development of the sport, and the preparations elite snowboarders make before dropping into gnarly runs. 

First descent follows three generations of snowboarders together in Alaska.

Throughout the film, you’ll hear stories and insights about the invention of snowboarding and its transition into the modern-day professional sport. 

First Descent also allows viewers to see the beautiful scenery of Alaska. All of these merits resulted in a respectable 7/10 score on IMDB.

best snowboard movies on Netflix


3. Higher

Higher is the third snowboarding movie to make the cut. Higher is also the third installment in the snowboarding trilogy by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones; first released to the public in 2014.

Higher follows Jeremy on his journey across continents, riding dramatic slopes with epic views.

higher snowboard movie on Netflix

Higher starts with Jeremy Jones snowboarding in Jackson Hole, then Lake Tahoe. After this expedition, Jeremy heads to some of Alaska’s best spots before heading east to Nepal to snowboard in the Himalayas.

It goes without saying – Jeremy is an incredible snowboarder, taking on the steepest and most daring of runs.

Higher was nominated for an Emmy for its epic videography and camera shots. Some of the camera angles are ludicrous!

All of this earned Higher an excellent score of 7.6 on IMDB and a place in the heart of snowboarding culture.


4. Deeper

Another of the best snowboard movies on Netflix. Deeper is the first film in the Jeremy Jones trilogy. Deeper was released in 2010, and it tracks world-renowned snowboarder Jeremy Jones (once again!).

Despite being a little dated, Deeper scored a 7.6/10 on IMDB.

In this movie, Jeremy is joined by some of the best freeride snowboarders on earth, attempting to reach areas of the world inaccessible by helicopter or other means.

This displays some of the most incredible snowboarding spots in the world, which would otherwise be nearly impossible to see.

Deeper is an excellent movie for you if you love breathtaking views, exceptional camera work, and insane descents. You’ll be on the edge of your seat more than once during this!


5. Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl is unlike the other movies on our list. In fact… it’s a Rom-Com!

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth did this make the list?

This is mostly due to the extremely limited snowboarding options on Netflix. 

However… if you’re willing to give it a go, or maybe you’ve got a date night, then it’s a nice easy watch. 

Chalet Girl was released in 2011 by Paramount Pictures. It scored a 6.3 on IMDB.

It follows the story of skateboarder Kim Matthews, as she takes up snowboarding. Kim leaves her old life after the tragic death of her mother and soon finds herself in the mountains pursuing a new life.

Watch for yourself to find out what happens next. Warning: Don’t expect any ground-breaking snowboarding.


6. Further

Further is the second movie in the Jeremy Jones trilogy. It was released in 2012, and it follows Jeremy as he makes his way through remote mountain passages and rides his way through un-ridden lines. This unique movie scored an excellent 7.5/10 on IMDB for its epic scenes and astonishing cinematography.

Further follows Jeremy as he walks, hikes, rides, and camps his way through mountain passages. Jeremy climbs up and rides down near-vertical mountain faces and wide-open powder fields, testing the limits of his abilities. 

This film is ideal for true snowboarding fans. Jeremy Jones talks through the planning and safety precautions involved in big mountain lines. This offers insight into how the best of the best plan and prepare. You’ll also gain insight into the risks involved in backcountry snowboarding.


7. Untouched Project 2: Sunny Side of The Alps

This one isn’t listed on IMDB. 

It’s a short project, featuring skiers and snowboarders hiking and shredding the European Alps. 

It’s apparently only going to be available for a short period, so watch it while you can!


Final Thoughts

Those are the best snowboard movies on Netflix at the time of writing.

But they change regularly.

If you’ve spotted a different movie on the platform, let everyone know in the comments. 

Happy watching/riding!

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Antony 11/11/2023 - 2:10 am

Netflix UK is terrible for snowboard films 🙁

Any idea how to access the USA version?

Fraser 12/11/2023 - 2:47 pm

Hey Antony, sorry to hear that!
I think you can use VPN’s of some description… but don’t quote me on that!
Not sure Netflix approves of their use.

Hopefully some more ski and snowboard films will hit the UK Netflix for winter.


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