Over the last couple of seasons, each time I’ve been away there’s been a couple of things on my list of things I wanted to do. One was to get a guide and hike around off-piste; the other was to get a lesson to improve my riding technique.

These activities are never cheap and there always seems to be something else to spend your cash on – like beer or, all that sick new gear in the resort shops.

Last season though we were pretty much spoon-fed a guided tour – and it turned out to be one of the best days of the trip. It’s definitely something I’ll do again, but I don’t want to neglect some tuition.

And then there’s cat-boarding. Cat-boarding is probably top of my list for extras in Fernie. With that in mind, and knowing that the cash can only go so far, I’m thinking that Fernie might be a good opporunity to get a lesson and work on some freeriding technique, in preference to a guide. For sure it won’t be the same as a guided day, but if you’re being taught how to ride off-piste – they’ve got to take you off-piste, maybe even to some sweet spots 🙂

I guess I’ll wait and see how things pan out… what the conditions are like, how good the cat-boarding is and whether I get lured into buying some new gear that I don’t really need!

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