Continuing the previous train of thought on tuition, the broader guys have a post about the revolution camps being held at the end of this month in Diablerets, Switzerland.

It sounds pretty good. The two, week long camps are being run by smk. I don’t have any experience with these camps, but looking at some of the coaches I’d say the direction is going to be pretty good. Not only that, Diablerets is home to the Demonium Masta Camps, and it seems that they are collaborating with the whole thing.

I have really good memories of the week that I spent in Diableretes a few years ago – it was a pretty surreal experience, one that I’ll never forget.

I’d love to go back: the people are nice, Diablerets is a sweet place and the park is sick. I know it’s kinda redundant to say it, as almost everyone has to, but working for a living can really get in the way sometimes. There just aren’t enough holidays in the year – not to snowboard as freely as I would like to.

Of course if you don’t fancy joining a camp, you always have the option of simply sorting out some accommodation and spending a week, or a long weekend, hitting up the park. It’s not far from Geneva so it’s pretty easy to get to – the train is direct all the way. What a great way to start the season!

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