an alley oop in snowboarding

What Is an Alley Oop In Snowboarding?

by Ben

What is an alley oop in snowboarding? That’s right, it’s not just a basketball move! Many consider this a staple snowboarding trick, and it can form the basis of more complex, custom tricks. However, you’ll want to know what exactly an ally-oop is first.

An alley-oop in snowboarding is when you travel up a halfpipe wall, then perform a spin against the direction of travel. For example a backside alley oop means riding up the frontside (toeside) wall and performing a backside 180-degree spin before landing.

The main thing is that the spin is essentially in the “wrong” direction. So a frontside alley-oop means riding towards the halfpipe wall on your heelside and then throwing a frontside spin (looking back up the hill over your shoulder).  

Here’s a reminder on backside versus frontside if you need it.   

This article will discuss the alley-oop in more detail, so you can perform it yourself!

an alley oop in snowboarding

Image courtesy of Whitelines. 

How To Alley-Oop In Snowboarding

Successfully hitting an alley-oop on a halfpipe is an incredible feeling. It’s the perfect follow-up to a backside air.

Here’s what you need to do to hit an alley-oop:

  1. Start by sliding into the pipe, heading towards the front side wall. You need to build enough speed to make it off the end of the wall.
  2. Stay on your toe edge and turn your upper body down the pipe (like you would for a backside air). This motion puts your upper body facing up the slope.
  3. As you start the jump, turn your head to look at the halfpipe. Your body will naturally follow your line of sight.
  4. Turn 180 degrees in the air, preferably while grabbing indy.
  5. Let go of the board and land on the wall.
  6. Ride the toe edge down the wall for a smoother landing.

Where To Learn To Alley-Oop 

Basically, you need a quarter pipe or halfpipe. 

If your local hill doesn’t have one, you could even consider building a halfpipe. 

Alternatively, head to my recommended snowboard resorts – they should all have one!

Video Example Of How To Frontside Alley-Oop

Of course, I wasn’t going to explain this one without a video example. 

Here’s an old but still accurate example of how to frontside alley-oop on a snowboard. 


In short, an alley-oop is a trick snowboarders can perform on a halfpipe.

For a backside alley-oop, you’ll first need to know how to do a backside air – then, you can add a spin to it to successfully alley-oop.

Get out there and land those alley-oops!

Then check out our other snowboard guides to keep stacking your skills. 

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