snowboard rail tricks (names diagram)

The 7 Most Common Snowboard Rail Tricks [Explained]

by Ben

Snowboard rail tricks cause a huge amount of confusion among new (and experienced) riders.

This is completely understandable when you look at the various trick names! 

As a qualified freestyle snowboard instructor, I took it upon myself to create a handy diagram for my students. They loved it… so I thought I’d make it easily accessible for you guys too! 

Check out the diagrams below and let me know if you have any questions.

Snowboarding Rail Tricks (Regular)

Snowboarding Rail Tricks Diagram (Regular)

Snowboarding Rail Tricks (Goofy)

A Brief Explanation

I’m hoping the diagrams are fairly self-explanatory. Basically, make sure you know whether you’re a regular or goofy rider. 

Then check whether you’re planning to approach the rail in frontside or backside. Unlike with jumps, this is not about the direction of spin. 

Put simply, if you’re approaching with the rail in front of you, it’s a frontside trick. Approaching with the rail behind you? That’s backside!

Just Getting Started?

If you’re brand new to rail tricks, start with a simple 50-50 (not pictured on the diagram). This is essentially when you ride onto the rail or box with your board parallel. Exactly like skateboarding, just without the trucks. 

Next, try the backside boardslide, followed by the frontside boardslide (which is much more “tricky”). Save lipslides, tail-slides and blunts for next season!

Other Snowboarding Tricks

I’ve put together a dedicated article for the full trick list. Check it out when you’re ready. 

snowboard trick names list

Full Snowboarding Trick List!

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