snowboarder floating in water

Do Snowboards Float in Water? A Shocking Discovery

by Fraser

You can snowboard at pretty much any temperature as long as there’s snow. You can even technically ride on other terrains, like ice, carpet and snow flex. But what about water? Do snowboards float in water? 

Snowboards do float in water if you are going fast enough. You will need high speeds and short distances to successfully float in water on a snowboard, but it is possible. But once your board slows down, it will eventually sink. 

If you really meant “what happens if you drop your snowboard in water?” then yeah, that board is gone. Straight to the bottom. Sorry.

This article will take a look at how snowboards and snowboarders can float in water. Read on!

snowboarder floating in water

Floating In Water On A Snowboard

You can float on water for short periods when you’re on a snowboard.

Here are a few things that you’ll want to understand about snowboards floating in water: 

  • Your snowboard will sink if you aren’t on it. Be warned!
  • It won’t be possible to sustain the floating for an extended period of time (without being towed).
  • You might want a change of clothes because it is pretty challenging.

You may well be thinking, that’s all mighty interesting Fraser, but when would any of this information be of use to me?

Well, with the rise of pond skimming you may find yourself in deep water sooner than you think… 

What Is Pond Skimming On A Snowboard Or Skis? 

You may have already guessed this one! 

Pond skimming is when a snowboarder or skier glides across a pool of water at high speeds. Inspired by waterskiing and wakeboarding, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Pond skimming often draws huge crowds and many resorts now offer prize money for the biggest trick… or splash!

Check out this video from David Jones and see just how tricky it can be to float on water with a snowboard!

Do You Need to Modify Your Snowboard To Float On Water?

You don’t need to modify your snowboard to float on water. But you will only be able to travel for a few seconds. If you want a longer ride, you’ll need to modify your snowboard to be more like a wakeboard. 

Watch this epic video of David OC ripping up the wakeboard park on a snowboard. 

Ok… he drilled wakeboard bindings to it. But it’s still basically a snowboard!

What’s The Point Of This Post?

Well, pure entertainment to be honest! 

It’s also a question we’ve had in our inbox a few times. 

So if you’re wondering “do snowboards float in water?” the short answer is yes… but only if you’re attached to them and moving pretty darn fast! 

In any other circumstance, please keep a tight hold on your snowboard, or else it’s going under.

Conclusion: Your Next Move?

If you fancy trying your hand at snowboarding on water, check out some of our most recommended snowboard resorts.

If you visit in spring, most of them offer “pond skimming”. Whistler in particular offer’s a great man-made pond!

However remember, any other time of season at these resorts is just as fun… and maybe a little drier. 

Happy riding and thanks for visiting!

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