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What Do Snowboarders Do In The Summer? 6 Top Pastimes

by Fraser

Snowboarders are unique creatures who, unlike normal people, crave the chill of winter months. While most people are tucked up indoors, clutching hot drinks and attempting to brave the cold, snowboarders are trying to spend as much time on the slopes as possible.

This becomes tricky when summer rolls around and our beloved snow disappears. 

So what do snowboarders do in the summer?

How can snowboarders survive the warmer months, fight off boredom, and make it to their next winter season?

Keep reading to find out!

What Snowboarders Do In Summer

Honestly, most of us are just normal people… who (try to) enjoy summer as much as everyone else. 

But let’s take a look at some activities many snowboarders engage in during the off-season.

In the absence of snow, there are plenty of other ways to get your standing-sideways fix.

In fact, there are a number of board sports designed to be enjoyed during the summer months.

For those near the beach (even a short drive from the beach), surfing is the way to go!

a snowboarder surfing

I discussed this in detail when considering whether snowboarding helps with surfing. 

If you’re further inland, but you have access to a boat and a body of water, then wakeboarding can help to fill the void. 

Skateboarding or longboarding is another good alternative for those landlocked with access to concrete, tarmac, or any solid flat surface. 

All of these sports will help you to maintain and practice your snowboarding skills and perhaps, give you a seasonal alternative that you can enjoy for years to come!

2. Chase The Sun - or Lack Thereof

Believe it or not, there is a great big world out there full of different countries and locations.

Many of these countries go through winter while you experience summer and as you know, where there is winter, there is snow… which means snowboarding. 

If you’re able to, you can explore different parts of the world and try new slopes that you’re yet to master.

The snowboarding season never has to end when you follow these tips.

3. Visit Trampoline Parks

Yes, you read that right.

Mastering invert tricks is the dream of every snowboarder. Trampolines can help you to do exactly that!

When jumping on a trampoline, you can get comfortable doing flips and controlling your body in the air. These skills can be translated on your board when you visit the snow later in the year.

4. Hit The Gym

Fitness, core and leg strength will help you to snowboard better and longer. Why not use this time to build your fitness so you can get even more out of your next ski season?

Snowboarding burns an insane amount of calories. The fitter you are, the better you’ll ride!

5. Earn Some Extra Cash

The summer months are a great time to earn some extra cash to fund your next snowboard vacation. After all, snowboarding trips are expensive!

You could save up for a new board, new boots, or even some money to stay in slightly nicer accommodation next time you go snowboarding.

Try getting a summer job, or learn a high earning side-hustle. 

6. Indoor Ski Resorts

Lastly, if all else fails, see if you can find an indoor resort where you can shred powder no matter the time of year!

Even the deserts of Dubai now boast one of the largest indoor slopes around.  

What Do Pro Snowboarders Do In The Summer?

Everyone wants to know what the professionals get up to during summer. 

The answer is more boring than you’d expect… basically the same as the above! 

When surveyed, most of them:

  • Head away surfing – Portugal and Bali are popular!
  • Take some down time to heal up.
  • Travel to New Zealand for the southern hemisphere season.
  • Work on side-projects like merch and sponsorship deals.

I’m sure there’s plenty of partying in there too. I’m also sure they don’t tell their coaches just how much!


If you’re a snowboarder looking for inspiration in the summer months, hopefully this helped. 

What do I do in the summer months? 

I’ve been working away answering all of your snowboarding questions for when the season rolls around. To return a little love, have a browse around the site before you leave. 

Have a good summer!

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