When Does Snowboarding Season End? In 2024, Never!

by Fraser

Snowboarding is something you really have to experience to appreciate.

Exhilarating, terrifying, addictive. It’s understandable that you would never want the season to end!

Unfortunately, all good things do. But when does snowboarding season end?

The Short Answer

In the northern hemisphere, snowboarding season ends in April, whereas in the southern hemisphere, snowboarding season ends in August. Certain areas receive more snow and can run their snowboarding season longer. For example, Arapahoe Basin in Colorado runs until June.

So what about the longer answer? 

In this article, I’ll discuss when the snowboarding season starts and ends in the northern hemisphere as well as the southern hemisphere. 

We will also take a look at the best places to go if you want to extend your season (like Japan!) and talk about year-round snowboarding.

When Does Snowboarding Season End?

Maybe you came across from our article about when snowboarding season starts.

Sadly, we now we need to talk about the end. Luckily, the northern hemisphere offers a long snowboarding season, and there are some fantastic mountain resorts to choose from.

But even in the northern hemisphere (USA, Canada) the season varies depending on the area.

The length of the season is of course determined by the amount of snow each resort receives. Season dates can therefore vary dramatically each year.

Make sure you check with the resort before booking at the beginning or end!

Northern Hemisphere Vs Southern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere Snowboarding Season

Most snow resorts in the northern hemisphere will open in late November and run until mid-April. But there are others that open sooner and close later.

These are the hidden gems… the places I make pilgrimage to each spring.

Many countries like Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden offer amazing snowboarding resorts, but some of the longest snowboarding seasons are still in USA-based resorts.

Snow resorts like Arapahoe Basin in Colorado open as early as mid-October and only close in June. Sounds pretty good to me!

Colorado has many other resorts such as Ski Cooper, Copper Mountain, and Winter Park and can be considered one of the best snowboarding destinations in the USA.

Here is a handy video showing you everything Copper Mountain has to offer (it’s cheesy but informative):

Southern Hemisphere Snowboarding Season

There are some really cool places to snowboard in the southern hemisphere; however, the snowboarding season is usually a bit shorter, only running between June and August.

It is therefore best used as a way to extend your season if you’re normally based in the northerly countries.

Here is a list of some of the best snowboarding destinations in the southern hemisphere:

  • New Zealand: Try Wanaka or Queenstown for an amazing adventure. Resorts like Treble Cone get a lot of snowfall and have some pretty tasty groomed runs.
  • Africa: Who knew you could snowboard in Africa? Afriski in Lesotho features the Drakensberg Mountains and makes for a great (unique) snowboarding experience.
  • Chile: My personal favorite southern hemisphere snowboarding. Some super cool resorts, such as Nevados De Chillan, where you can snowboard on an active volcano. Another good choice is Ski Portillo.
  • Argentina: The snowboarding season can last until September in the Andes. There are some spectacular resorts to choose from with some pretty breathtaking views.

Year-Round Snowboarding

When does snowboarding season end?


Some resorts offer real snow and excellent slopes all year long. Yes, really!

So if you just aren’t ready for your snowboarding season to end, there is always the option of a year-round snowboarding adventure around the globe. 

That’s option 1 – Chase the snow and see some breathtaking places along the way.

This only works if you can afford a year-long vacation (or to work whilst you’re away).

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time or money to constantly travel the world, there are other options.

A vacation in Switzerland can help you overcome your snowboarding withdrawals.

Zermatt resort is open all year long, which will help you get your fix.

Another option is Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood in North America, where you can ski all year round.

If you can’t get away, you can also visit Big Snow American dream, an indoor snow resort.

It is situated in New Jersey and offers snowboarding and skiing.

There are three different trails over four acres (16187.4 sq meters) of snow. Not bad!

Those with the choice of snow types can even decide between Snowflex vs. Indoor Snow.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding season usually runs from November to April in the northern hemisphere. Still, there are some resorts that sit at high elevations and get a lot of snow.

In the southern hemisphere, snowboarding season is usually from June to August (although you might find resorts in Lesotho that stay open until September).

The good news?

If you are an adrenaline junkie and can afford to go on a year-long trip, you can always chase the snow, ensuring the snowboarding season never ends.

Here are some great snowboarding destinations to try first! 

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