When Does Snowboarding Season Start? I’m Dying Here!

by Ben

One of life’s cruel jokes is that we can’t snowboard year round, at least not here in America. I’m literally counting down the days!

So let’s talk about the snowboard season in North America. Firstly, when does snowboarding season start?

The Short Answer

Snowboarding season starts in late November. In North America, snowboarding is available in around 39 states and usually lasts until April, when the weather begins to change. You'll have a different snowboarding experience depending on where you live and how much snow is available. 

This article will talk more about the snowboarding season and when you can start cruising.

If you’re reading this in summer and are bored stiff, this snowboard blog is the distraction you deserve. Let’s get started!

Why Does Snowboarding Season Start So Late In The Year?

The snowboarding season starts as soon as temperatures are cold enough to store snow effectively. Without the cool weather, slopes would be low on snow and quite dangerous for us snowboarders. 

The beginning of snowboarding season is late November for North America, though this may differ depending on the temperatures where you live.

The goal in determining when to start the snowboarding season is to reach and maintain a temperature low enough to prevent the snow from melting or becoming slush. 

The snowboarding season starts late in the year for the safety of snowboarders. When there is not enough snow or the snow becomes slush, it can be extremely dangerous for snowboarders.

While we no longer have to wait for snow to occur naturally, there is still a need for relatively consistent, freezing temperatures before the season can begin (boooo!).

when does snowboard season start in north america?

This is because laying fake snow on the slopes requires at least two consecutive nights of below-freezing temps. And that’s just to lay a basic snow layer on the ground. If the following day is too warm, all our efforts will have been in vain. 

This is partly why the start of the snowboarding season varies so much – the weather is so damn unpredictable!

One year we have temperatures low enough for the season to start in late October, others may not start until December. 

when does snowboarding season start?
Bluebird Skies Aren't Always Good News

Unfortunately, unpredictable weather also means that there is rarely a specific date for resorts to open on. They may not know until just a few days in advance that they’ll be able to open the slopes. 

You may therefore need to exercise patience until they decide when to start their season. For reference, I’m writing this in June – and my patience is running out!

What Is the Risk of Starting Snowboarding Season Too Soon?

We all know that snowboarding requires some snow, but the depth of the snow matters too.

Snow that is too thin may not provide proper cushioning for chaotic snowboarders such as myself!

Starting the season too soon can cause the snow to melt quickly, leaving behind gaps on the slopes. These can be dangerous for snowboarders and can also ruin the snows base layer for the rest of the season. 

Starting the season too soon can also cause the snow to become slush.

Now, I love riding spring slush as much as any other sane snowboarder. But while snowboarding on slush is possible (and super fun), it can be a lot more difficult!

when does snowboard season start?

As slush is heavier and wetter than snow, it can cause snowboarders to get stuck. Turning also becomes a lot more difficult. 

Why? Steering while snowboarding creates a frictional response, allowing you to slow down and switch directions.

Slush doesn’t allow as much friction and instead causes a suction effect

This is a real offputter for beginners and also hinders advanced rider’s ability to lay perfect carves. Slush is also not ideal for landing. And it’s very wet!

When Does The Snowboarding Season End?

In the US, the snowboarding season ends sometime in April, though this varies based on how quickly the weather changes. Some places in the US have cooler temperatures until later, allowing them to extend their season until June or even July. 

The end of the snowboarding season can therefore be just as unpredictable as the beginning! 

Read more in our article about the end of snowboarding season >>

Final Thoughts: When Does Snowboarding Season Start?

While snowboarding season starts in late November here in the US, dates around the world can vary greatly depending on weather patterns.

So… always research local temperatures before planning your snowboarding trip

Have a great season! 






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