The White Line – The Must-See Snowboarding Movie This Season

by Fraser

Showcasing the trailer for the ‘The White Line’, a new snowboarding movie beautifully filmed with a unique and novel angle. The movie follows Jake Cornish, living, working and riding in Switzerland as he works and supports his family whilst still making time for the snow.

But what makes this story unique is that Jake is an avalanche surviver who was dragged a mile through a forest and shattered both his arms. Had it not been for his friend Angus, he’d likely not be alive to tell his story but 5 years on, here it is… filled with nuts, bolts and a layer of scars Jake is still riding.

This is a story about him and why he rides.

We loved The Art of Flight snowboarding movie with it’s crazy cool helicopter shots showing top snowboarders from around the globe show off their talents along with their crown full of sponsors. But ‘The White Line’ movie has real heart and looks at how real snowboarders juggle their passion for snow and adrenaline with running a normal family life. It’s really inspiring as many snowboarders like myself aren’t pro riders and don’t live in the mountains, especially us in England!

I loved the angle of the movie as it’s made for snowboarders who spend their days at a desk in full-time jobs and earning a wage to look after their family.

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Featuring: Jake Cornish
Director: Ismar Badzic
Camera: George Simpson & Ismar Badzic
Original Score: Dominic Sewell
Music: Sam Hanlan & Nick Perri
Production Company: Button Up Productions Ltd

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