Danny Toumarkine Sponsorship Video from 2008

by Fraser

Following the emotional and inspirational video from Danny Tourmarkine in Argentina – my brother reminded me that he’d showed me a sponsorship video from Danny way back in 2008.

Looking back to 2008 – as far as sponsorship videos go this is frickin’ awesome. From the info that Shreddy Times posted on YouTube, it didn’t take that long to film:

“Video I put together to get Danny sponsored. Filmed at a few different locations including: Crested Butte, Brighton, Northstar. It was filmed in 2 sessions at CB, 1 at Brighton, and 4 at Northstar. Please feel free to let either of us know anything we could do to make it better. Enjoy!”

Coming back to 2012 – check out the site Danny Is the Bomb – a place to reflect on Danny. It’s been a rough time for Danny Toumarkine over the last couple of years. Here’s wishing all the best to Danny from 2012 onwards.

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