Street Style Rails and Hips Tutorial with Snowboard Addiction – Review

by Fraser

Not too long ago, Snowboard Addiction added a Handplants video to their Freestyle Program – it was reviewed here. Another recent release was their addition of a video showing riders how to tackle street-style rails, and hips. Weighing in at 10 minutes minutes, the Street Style Rails and Hips lesson is good example of their modular approach to adding content to the overall program. In the last week they’ve added a further video for 180s, which will be covered soon…

As you can see, they’re using a street style rail in the park as a basis for progressing with this type of “street” feature; down rails that you need to ollie on to from one side. Here’s what’s good with the 50-50 coverage:

  • Good explanation of frontside and backside terminology, something that can be confusing
  • Techniques for working up to ollieing onto the rail
  • How to stop your momentum from taking you off the other side of the rail
  • As usual, you can watch it in either regular or goofy

As for the hips…

  • Explanation of frontside and backside terminology
  • How to line up and where to take off from
  • Landing – flat base or on an edge?
  • How to get the right amount of rotation

Overall Opinion

There’s nothing ground breaking in this video – it covers two fairly discrete aspects of park riding. However, the tips in the video are all very good and they’re presented well. It’s a solid addition to their Freestyle Program. If you’re thinking about tackling down rails in the park or hips – you’ll benefit from what’s on offer. You should also check out our own article on switch snowboarding.

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