How To Do Handplants Lesson with Snowboard Addiction – Review

by Fraser

Snowboard Addiction make instructional videos for freestyle snowboarding. Their Freestyle Program is excellent. They continue to add new material, or new “lessons”, each of which are added to the overall freestyle program. In this case, they’ve just released a video teaching you how to do handplants…

It’s a good fit to their program and follows on nicely from the Riding Halfpipe Lessonread the review here. So, what’s the handplant lesson like?…

Handplants lesson review

It’s a short, 7 minute presentation that seems to give you just what you need to progress towards doing handplants. I can’t do handplants; they’re something I’ve wanted to have a go at, but have never known how to work up to tyring one. I really like this video because I think it gives me the steps to work on them.

Before you can do handplants, you should be comfortable doing 180s and straight airs, off most park jumps, and be able to do frontside airs and backside airs out of the halfpipe and the quarterpipe…

Practical steps. One of the great things about the SA lessons is that they provide practicel steps/exercises that you can do to learn the trick. In this case, they show the squirt – which you’ll see a little of in the preview below.

It looks like an awesome way to practice – because you can start out on the flat ground. What’s more, it’s static to begin with, then you can make it more dynamic, and then move from “two-handed” to “one-handed”. Even try putting a grab in. Great stuff.

They then lead on to cover things like: how much speed to take, how to progress to working on a transition, and how frontside handplants differ from backside.

They really break it down well – and as usual with SA, you can get the video in either Regular or Goofy. Check out the preview of the lesson:

Handplants Outline from on Vimeo.

How to get it? At the moment, you can’t buy this lesson individually – it’s available in their subscription program – which is where all of their new material goes when they release it, like the Riding Powder Lesson.

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