smith 4d mag vs anon m4

Smith 4D MAG vs Anon M4 [Battle of The Best Goggles]

by Ben

Today, we’re gearing up for an exciting face-off (pun totally intended) between two of the best snow goggles on the market: the Anon M4 vs the Smith 4D Mag

Let’s dig in and see how they stack up!

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Introduction: Smith 4D Mag vs Anon M4

Whether you’re a seasoned snow pro or a complete newbie, having the right goggles is a game-changer. I struggled for way too long with a scratched up pair of hand-me-downs. Learn from my mistakes!

Today’s contenders, the Anon M4 and Smith 4D Mag, have been making waves in the snowboard industry with their advanced tech and sleek designs.

Let’s start with the goggle specifications…

Anon M4: The Lowdown

Design and Fit

The Anon M4 goggles offer a choice of either cylindrical or toric lenses.


  • Cyclindrical lenses are designed to reduce peripheral distortion and allow optimal wrapping around the face. 
anon m4 cylindrical lens


  • Toric lenses are designed to mimic the human eye. They curve outwards slightly, enhancing clarity and peripheral vision. They also allow an increase goggle vent volume, reducing fogging. 

Either option provides a pretty expansive field of view.

It’s also worth noting that whichever option you choose initially, the lenses are interchangeable with the frames. So you can always pick up extra lenses down the line. 

With its comfortable triple-layer face foam and adaptable fit, these goggles are pretty darn comfortable. They also come in a smaller size for smaller faces – The Anon M4S. 

Lens Tech

M4’s lens tech is top-notch. They feature Anon’s SONAR and PERCEIVE lens technology that dramatically enhances contrast and terrain visibility.

The lenses can be changed in mere seconds (literally) due to the MAGNA-TECH® quick lens-change technology. 

The M4 also uses Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) technology for seamless facemask integration, perfect for those extra frosty days.


Anon M4 goggles come with a spare lens and a handy MFI face mask.


MRSP: $319.95

Smith 4D Mag: The Lowdown

Design and Fit

Smith 4D Mag goggles offer a unique BirdsEye Vision design, giving a reported 25% extra field of view over the competition. The goggles feature a responsive fit frame design, providing a precise, comfortable fit.

Lens Tech

Smith’s ChromaPop lens tech is the star of the show, offering enhanced color and contrast. The 4D Mag also features Smith’s innovative MAG lens change system, which allows quick and secure lens swapping.

To change the lenses, simply release the plastic levers and pop the magnetic lens straight out. 


Every pair of 4D Mag goggles comes with a bonus lens, a microfiber goggle bag, and a hard case, ensuring your goggles stay safe and ready for action.


MRSP: $320

Smith 4D Mag vs Anon M4

Smith 4D MAG
Anon M4
Lens Technology
Lens Technology
Lens Swap Technology
Lens Swap Technology
Smith MAG lens change system. Additional plastic catches prevent lens displacement. More secure but slightly slower.
MAGNA-TECH® quick lens-change technology. Fastest in the game, but a slightly higher risk of lens displacement.
Field of View
Field of View
BirdsEye Vision™ - industry leading peripheral vision
Extremely good, especially the toric lenses. Smith offers marginally better vertical vision.
Compatibility with Glasses
Compatibility with Glasses
OTG (Over The Glasses) compatible
Anti-Fog Properties
Anti-Fog Properties
Outstanding, especially with Smith Helmets (AirEvac™ ventilation system integrates with Smith helmets)
Excellent. MFI facemask can't be beaten in poor weather.
Includes Additional Lens
Includes Additional Lens
Yes, plus a hard goggle case
Yes, plus MFI facemask. Includes a hard spare lens case but no goggle case.
Face Foam
Face Foam
Triple-layer DriWix face foam
Triple-layer face foam with moisture-wicking fleece
QuickFit Strap. Ultra-wide and silicone backed.
No-slip silicone strap
Frame Size
Frame Size
Medium (available in 4DS and low-bridge fit)
Medium to Large (available in M4S)
Helmet Compatibility
Helmet Compatibility
Paired seamlessly with Smith and Salomon helmets, less so with some Anon models.
Worked well with all Anon, Salomon and Smith models tested.
We may make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

My Personal Thoughts

Let’s try to put the above into plain English!

Overall, I was really impressed by both the Anon M4 and the Smith 4D Mag. But if I was pushed to choose just one, I’d go for the Smith 4D MAG. But this certainly wasn’t an easy decision…

Whilst both goggles offer an outstanding range, the Smith 4D has the best vertical field of vision I’ve ever experienced. This was particularly noticeable when switching back to the M4’s – the lower frame is more noticeable (although less so with the Toric lens). 

anon m4 vs smith 4d snowboard goggles
Anon M4 (left), Smith 4D MAG (right)

As an accident prone rider, I also appreciated the added security of Smith’s lens “levers”. Don’t get me wrong, the M4 magnets are super strong – but I did manage to pop them out following a collision with a skier. 

As a result, the lenses can be changed much more quickly (and one-handedly) with the Anon M4’s. But it’s certainly not a hard task on the Smith 4D MAG. 

The one area that the Anon M4’s have a clear advantage is the facemask integration. Once I’d gotten over the slight feeling of being waterboarded (it was raining at the time), I was super impressed by the MFI facemask.

The facemask’s magnets attach underneath the goggle frame, keeping the mask slightly off your face. 

ANON M4 MFI Facemask integration

This forms a tight seal without leaving gaps under the goggle (which happens when you stuff a regular balaclava under there). The result was a fog-free, warm face, even in a small blizzard. 

I don’t ride with a facemask very often, but if I did, I’d be strongly considering the M4!

The Verdict

So, who comes out on top in the Anon M4 vs. Smith 4D Mag showdown?

Both goggles pack a punch in terms of design, lens technology, and extras.

If a wide field of view and contrast-enhancing lens tech are high on your priority list, you might lean towards the Smith 4D MAG.

On the flip side, if you’re all about that seamless facemask integration and lightning-fast lens changing tech, the Anon M4 could be your perfect match.

But honestly, whether you choose the Anon M4 or the Smith 4D Mag, you’re getting a pair of top-tier goggles. They should help make your next snowboarding adventure even more epic.

If you like the goggles but the price-tags are off-putting, check out the OutdoorMaster Ultra – a budget alternative. 

Happy shredding, folks! 

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Don 17/03/2024 - 4:02 pm

Went with the 4D. They’re insane. Highly recommend!


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