“Naturally” – Jake Blauvelt Video Part 2011

by Fraser

This is the best video part that I’ve seen in a long time. On balance, given that you also get to watch a bunch of short episodes showing Jake’s approach to making it – it easily one of my overall favourites. Check it out – it’s so sick.

This style of riding is so good to watch – and given that it’s all backcountry, there’s a great mix of terrain and tricks.

  • 1:13 – love the way he takes the line
  • 3:29 – butter to cab 5 looks sick!
  • 3:55 – this sequence is so smoothly put together, on both sides of the lens

You can see all of the 5 episodes from the “naturally” series on Jake’s Vimeo channel. They’re half documentary in style but still contain loads of good shredding. The duration of each episode ranges from 6 to 15 minutes or so.

They include Jake riding with his friends, his travels, injury and recovery and a rounded view of his backcountry trips/riding. I’d definitely recommend watching those, too. All together – they culminate in the video part above; that’s a lot of hard work and creativity. Awesome.

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