do snowboards come waxed?

Do Snowboards Come Waxed? 3 Hot Tips For Your Board!

by Fraser

When you buy a new snowboard, it’s understandable to want to hit the mountain right away. 

But first… you need to make sure it’s ready to ride!

One of the most important factors is the base. But do snowboards come waxed?

The Short Answer

Snowboards do come with wax when you purchase them. This is called a "factory wax" and is generally enough to be used for at least one day. However, most experts recommend reapplying additional wax as soon as possible. Pick up some quality snowboard wax and use it from day one!

Keep reading for everything you need to know before going riding!

Do Snowboards Come Waxed?

We’ve established that new snowboards come with a factory wax.

This will generally be a very thin wax layer, with some companies only using a rub-on or spray-on wax after board assembly. The wax used is also frequently “all-temp” wax and therefore less ideal for either extremely cold or warmer, slushy slopes. 

This is pretty much the same regardless of brand and base type (extruded and sintered). 

I’ll cover a few more of your essential FAQ’s below!

Is The Wax That Comes With My Snowboard Good?

The wax that comes on your snowboard is good enough for a couple of days on the mountain. However it’s main purpose is to maintain the base during transport. I always recommend waxing your board straight away, and then after every few days of riding. 

Remember a few things when you are considering if you should reapply more wax before you ride your new board: 

  • The factory wax is a fairly minimal application meant to keep the board safe while it gets from the factory to you. 
  • It would help if you chose a wax that is ideal for the climate you live in.
  • More wax is OK for your board, don’t hesitate to reapply!
In summary, don’t worry!
If you don’t have time to apply a hot wax to your new board, you’ll be completely fine (for a day or so). If you did want to be extra careful, use a rub-on wax like the ones listed below.

Do New Snowboards Need To Be Waxed?

So we’ve established that your new snowboard comes with a fresh factory wax. However do new snowboards need to be waxed? 

Despite new snowboards coming with a factory wax, most experts recommend waxing your new snowboard immediately. This is because the factory wax layer is thin and relatively short-lived. The wax used will also not be specific to your climate. 

This is particularly relevant for sintered base snowboards which loooove to be waxed. Their performance also jumps up a notch after a fresh waxing. 

Conversely, extruded bases can last a long time without a new wax and you’ll notice much less benefit from a new coat. 

Should I Wax My Board Even Though It Comes Waxed?

You will probably want to wax your new board. Different snowboard companies take more care than others, so it’s a good idea to be on the safe side. 

Some companies do claim you can use it right away (like Burton). But I like to wax my board anyways. 

As discussed above, the decision to wax or not-to-wax may depend on the base type. You may choose to ride an extruded base snowboard for a few more days than a sintered. 

Ultimately though, the choice is yours! 

What Is The Benefit Of Waxing A New Board?

Honestly… unless you’re super strapped for time, wax it up! 

The benefits:

  • A smoother and faster ride 
  • Less likely to get stuck on flat sections 
  • Your snowboard will live longer – dry boards can crack and crumble!
  • Wax provides some protection from scratches

Best Wax For New Snowboards

If you’ve decided to go ahead and wax your new snowboard, here’s a quick guide to your options. 

  1. Basically, if you’re desperate to get out on the hill, a rub-on wax is definitely your best bet! I’ve linked my favorite one below.
  2. However… If you’re committed to snowboarding then at some point you’ll need to transition to a full hot wax. This means an up-front investment and learning how to use it. 

Once again, I’ve got you covered:

ZUMWax RUB ON Wax For Snowboards
Quickest Option!
ZUMWax RUB ON Wax For Snowboards
  • Super quick to apply
  • Safe for the environment
  • Available in 3 temp choices
  • Made by snowboarders
  • Easy to top-up
Winterial Complete Snowboard Tuning Kit
The Complete Package!
Winterial Complete Snowboard Tuning Kit
  • Incredible package 
  • Includes edge tuning kits
  • Comes with wax iron 
  • Wax like a pro!
Super HotSauce Snowboard Wax
Best Wax Blocks!
Super HotSauce Snowboard Wax
  • Best wax I've ever used!
  • Lasts longer than others
  • A good sized brick.
  • Support small business
We may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How To Wax Your New Snowboard

If you’re going for the rub-on. No explanation needed! 

If you’re going for the full hot wax… there’s a few things to know. 

Basically you’re going to need to:

  1. Clean your base (not needed if it’s brand new!)
  2. Heat up the iron and apply the wax to the iron
  3. Let the wax drip randomly across the deck
  4. Iron the wax into the deck and let it set!
  5. Scrape off the excess. 
  6. Use a brush along the length of the board. 
  7. Optional: Shine the board up with a cloth or cork 
Do not worry… This video from The House shows you how to apply your own wax.

Hot Tips For Your New Snowboard

There’s a few things I do every time I get a new board. They aren’t mandatory but you might want to do them too. 

1. Wax It Up

I think we’ve already covered this! 

The choice is yours. 

2. Detune Your Edges

This essentially means grinding or filing down your edges to make them less likely to catch. I do this with all of my freestyle/park boards. 

You don’t want to do this on a board you’re going to be riding steep inclines on… you want those edges sharp! 

For most reader’s, I’d recommend leaving your board with it’s “factory tune”. This will be perfectly suited for most riders. 

Don’t file down the edges unless you know what you’re doing!

3. Spend As Much Time Setting Up Your Bindings As Setting Up Your Snowboard!

We’re all guilty of this! 

Once you’ve worried about your snowboard base, turn your attention to the whole setup. 

  1. You want the binding perfectly centred. No toe or heel drag!
  2. Align the highbacks with the heel-edge of the board for maximum drive.
  3. Make sure your binding footbed is the right size for your boot.
  4. Adjust the binding straps to sit comfortably in the centre of your boot. 
  5. Adjust your forward lean to the right level – and make sure it’s compatible with your boot. 

Don’t worry, I’ll do a whole article on this. But this is just your reminder that your board is just one part of your setup.


There you have it, snowboards do come waxed. 

The decision about what you do after that is entirely yours!

If you’re still not quite sure about something… I’m here to help. Drop me a comment or message. 

Alternatively, keep browsing the site for more snowboarding insights.

Happy riding!

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DavidS 09/11/2023 - 4:15 pm

My Bataleon surfer came with the driest base I’ve ever seen! From the factory! Defo stick a layer of wax on before you go out!

Fraser 10/11/2023 - 2:41 pm

Ah man, that sucks. Shouldn’t happen! Either way though, slapping on a quick hot wax can’t hurt. Great board though! Thanks, Fraser


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