Can You Use a Bike Helmet For Snowboarding?

Can You Use a Bike Helmet For Snowboarding?

by Fraser

When it comes to hitting the slopes, safety should always be your top priority.

One of our most commonly asked questions is, can you use a bike helmet for snowboarding?

After all, both activities involve high speeds. It’s only natural to wonder whether your trusty bike helmet can double up as protection on the mountain.

In this article, we’ll explore whether a bike helmet can truly meet the demands of snowboarding. Let’s get right into it!

The Short Answer

You shouldn't use your bike helmet for snowboarding. Snowboarding helmets offer enhanced impact protection, specialized features, and meet snow sport safety standards. Invest in a proper snowboarding helmet to ensure optimal safety on the slopes.

The Similarities and Differences

Snowboarding and biking share similarities in terms of speed and potential risks, but there are also significant differences. Especially when it comes to the terrain and impact factors.

  1. Snowboarding involves navigating through snow, which can be soft or hard, and the terrain can vary greatly.
  2. On the other hand, biking usually takes place on solid ground, with the possibility of falls or collisions with fixed objects.

These differences play a crucial role in determining whether a bike helmet is suitable for snowboarding. But there are a number of other key differences.

1. Helmet Design and Protection

While both bike helmets and snowboarding helmets aim to protect the head, their designs are tailored to address different impact scenarios.

Snowboarding helmets are specifically designed to handle the unique challenges of winter sports, including protecting against cold temperatures, providing ear coverage, and offering ventilation suitable for physical exertion in a cold environment.

They also often feature additional safety certifications specifically for snow sports.

Bike helmets, on the other hand, prioritize airflow, reducing resistance and absorbing impacts from different angles. They are not designed for freezing cold temperatures and can become brittle in extreme conditions. 

bike helmet

2. Impact Protection and Safety Standards

When it comes to impact protection, snowboarding helmets typically offer enhanced features such as a thicker foam liner and additional protective padding.

These design elements provide better shock absorption and help to mitigate the forces of high-speed falls or collisions. Snowboarding helmets are also subject to specific safety standards, such as ASTM F2040, which ensures they meet the requirements for snow sports.

Bike helmets, while meeting safety standards for cycling, may not provide the same level of protection for snowboarding impacts.

The Downsides Of Using A Bike Helmet For Snowboarding

Using a bike helmet for snowboarding runs the following risks: 

  • You’re going to have a very cold head and ears!
  • You’re at significant risk of being called a gaper
  • Your helmet are goggles are unlikely to be compatible. 
  • You could void your health insurance!
  • Your kids might disown you. 
  • You won’t be adequately protected in the event of a fall. 

Safety Considerations

While it may be tempting to use a bike helmet for snowboarding… don’t.

Investing in a snowboarding helmet designed for winter sports provides the necessary protection. Cycling helmets just aren’t going to cut it.

Alternative Suggestions!

We’ve established that you shouldn’t use your bike helmet for snowboarding, but I do have an alternative solution for you…

Some snowboard helmets are actually certified for both snowboarding and biking. This way you only need one helmet for all seasons! 

In fact, several of the best helmets for snowboard can be used for snowboarding, biking, skating and even climbing. Click on over to that article to check them out. 


In the end, I strongly recommend using a helmet designed explicitly for snowboarding. This ensures the highest level of protection, comfort and safety.

While a bike helmet may offer some level of head protection, it lacks the specialized features and certifications required for snowboarding.

Don’t compromise your safety for the sake of convenience or saving a few bucks!

Stay safe and have an amazing time on the mountains.  

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