The 11 Best Snowboard Podcasts of All Time [2024]

by Fraser

Snowboarding podcasts are becoming more popular in recent years. They’re becoming the best way to get the latest news, interviews, and reviews (other than reading this blog of course). They are usually hosted by a person or group of people who love snowboarding… often pro’s.

Here are the 11 best snowboard podcasts of all time:

  1. FNRad Podcast
  2. The Monday M.A.S.S
  3. The Snowboard Project
  4. The Ski Podcast
  5. Everything Snowboarding & More
  6. Angry Snowboarder
  7. The Bomb Hole
  8. Looking Sideways
  9. The Snowboard Instructor
  10.  Local Roots
  11. The Rum and Stoke 

Let’s take an in-depth look at these snowboarding podcasts and discover why they are the best for the latest snowboarding news, reviews, and interviews…


1. FNRad Podcast

fnrad snowboarding podcast

This podcast is great for anyone who wants to know more about snowboarding. FNRad is constantly progressing and is both an educational and an entertainment podcast.

The podcast seeks to get the real stories behind the people in the snowboarding industry. FNRad focuses on both young and experienced snowboarders, all of which are insanely passionate about snowboarding. 

You can catch new episodes every Wednesday between November and April, including a special episode every 1st of April.


2. The Monday M.A.S.S

monday M.A.S.S. - one of the best snowboard podcasts

Hosted by Chris and Todd, the Monday M.A.S.S provides a deep dive into snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and nerdy board-sports news. The hosts talk about all aspects of snowboarding, including the latest news and views in the snowboarding industry.

Chris and Todd feature special guests in a rapid-fire session, providing an awesome vibe for action sports fans. The podcast hosts veterans and newcomers who have a passion for snowboarding. Well worth a listen!


3. The Snowboard Project

The Snowboard Project is a talk show style podcast co-hosted by snowboarding veterans Bjorn Leines and Chad Otterstrom. This podcast provides an in-depth analysis of the snowboarding industry with weekly news, reviews, and interviews.

It gives a unique perspective on snowboarding, providing an inside-out analysis, including brief interviews with the most influential industry players. The podcast is a great way to keep up with the latest snowboarding news (without going through all the research yourself). 


4. The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast show is an award-winning outdoor adventure podcast for skiers (and snowboarders). Hosted by Jim and Lian, this UK-based podcast interviews guests from the skiing and snowboarding community and seeks to address everything in the world of snow.

It also features the latest ski news, reviews, backcountry skiing discussions, and more. The show hosts will discuss all the benefits of snowboarding and skiing while teaching listeners how to do it themselves.


5. Everything Snowboarding & More

This podcast is fun, informative, and engaging. You will learn much about snowboarding and other winter sports, including the latest news, outdoor gear reviews, and more.

The weekly snowboard podcast is about everything snowboarding. The hosts cover all topics,  including:

  • Gear 
  • Tricks
  • Destinations
  • Resorts

They’ll even give you tips on what you should do on your next trip.


6. Angry Snowboarder

The Angry Snowboarder started many years ago, originally as a snowboarding blog. The founder provided news and information about the sport through (angry) commentary and rants. You’ll certainly have come across the odd article from from time to time. 

The show is all about the fun, freedom, and adventure of snowboarding. It’s not about making money or competing – just about having a good time on the hill with friends. He knows a hell of a lot about gear too!


7. The Bomb Hole

the bomb hole - best snowboard podcasts

Chris Grenier and E Stonen host the Bomb Hole podcast, and it features inspirational stories from some of the top athletes in the snowboarding industry. Listening to the Bomb Hole podcast is one of the easiest ways to learn about this sport. 

It will take you from the basics of how to ride and dress and what gear you need. It will also share some advanced techniques and strategies. 

Incidentally, check out the attached article if you don’t know what a bomb hole is. Otherwise the podcast’s name doesn’t really make sense!


8. Looking Sideways

Looking Sideways Podcast is hosted by Matt Barr, a veteran in the action sports industry. Each episode reviews the most interesting aspects of action sports, such as:

  • Snowboarding
  • Skateboarding
  • Surfing
  • Other action-filled sporting endeavors

Matt created the podcast to give listeners a different perspective on sports like snowboarding and surfing. This helps to make them feel more accessible to us mere mortals. 


9. The Snowboard Instructor

snowboard instructor - top snowboard podcast

The Snowboard Instructor is an exclusive podcast hosted by Max that shares different snowboarding experiences. The podcast covers everything you might need to learn about snowboarding – as you could probably have guessed from the name!

The Snowboard Instructor features three episodes every month, so there is plenty of interesting news and info to catch up on.


10. Local Roots

The Local Roots podcast is about Michigan’s snowboarding, beer, and mountain bike scene. The podcast, hosted by Larry and Brian, explores some of Michigan’s favorite cities for action sports enthusiasts, including tips like where to find the best biking trails and snowboarding areas. 

They also cover what snowboarders do in summer, which makes for a great listen both in winter and in summer.


11. The Rum and Stoke

This has been around for a while, but it’s still one of the best snowboard podcasts. They cover everything, from gear reviews, tricks and resorts to featured interviews with pro riders. 

This provides an excellent behind-the-scenes look at everything snowsports. 

Final Thoughts

Those were the best snowboard podcasts… in my humble opinion. But I’m happy to be corrected. Convince me in the comments below! 

Next, I tackle the top snowboard documentaries. Number 4 is an absolute classic!

Happy riding. 

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