Boarding without bindings – It’s snowskating and it’s fun

by Fraser

Today we look at snowskating and showcase some of the coolest videos of this old but emerging fun way to play around on a board in the snow. Snowskating is basically a cross between skateboarding and snowboarding and i’ve always wondered why snowskating has never taken off in popularity. After all, snowskating has actually been around since 1964! The ‘Snurfer’ is considered to be the first snowboard to ever hit the market, but it could arguably be called the first snowskate, since it was without bindings.

I guess the biggest problem is safety with using a snowskate. There’s no bindings so of course it’s more dangerous (even though you have a leash). If you don’t have a snowboard leash, get one! Not just for the safety of the boarder but for other people on the slopes.

And then there’s the problem with braking, it’s harder of course. Like when you get off the ski lift and your boots aren’t strapped into the bindings, takes longer and more effort to stop. But hey, you can do flip tricks like this so who cares, all good fun!

Image Source: Flickr

This is what a skateboard looks like – this one is from, same people as the first video below (if you watch one video below, watch that one!). I also like the fact that if you search Google for ‘snowskate’, Wikipedia don’t have the first result, it’s these guys!


Icon and Ralston also make some cool snowskates.

There’s a Facebook community for snowskaters which you can join here:

Best of Snowskating Videos

This first video from is one of the best snowskating videos I have seen to date and feel positive it will give snowskating the media coverage it deserves.

Snowskating Photos

Image Source: Flickr

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