10 Unique Resorts To Snowboard – Videos

by Fraser

Showcasing 10 of the most unusual snowboard spots from around the world that you wouldn’t expect to be able to shred at.

Chacaltaya, Bolivia
Located 17,400 feet above sea level, the Chacaltaya glacier is the only snowboarding area in Bolivia. The beauty of the Andes mountains and the stunningly high elevation make the Chacaltaya glacier a fantastic snowboarding spot. Sorry, this is the best video from  Chacaltaya we could find….

Troodos, Cyprus
Snowboarding in Cyprus, really? Yep, but the snow on Mount Olympus doesn’t stick around for long, but if you head out to Troodos at the right time in the season, you can hit the slopes and then head to the beach in one trip.


Atlas Mountain, Morocco

Some 80 kilometers away from Marrakech, you will find a paradise of powder in the Atlas Mountains. Africa’s highest resorts lie in these mountains at some 3,000 meters up the slopes. The trails are diverse enough to satisfy both novice and advanced snowboarders.


Mzaar, Lebanon
The Mzaar snowboarding resort lies only an hour away from Beirut. The slopes in the middle of Mount Lebanon offer top quality runs.

Timberline, Oregon
Timberline Lodge sits near the peak of Mt Hood just below the Palmer glacier which allows it to claim the status of the only snowboarding resort in the United States to be open year round. If you want to check out dramatic jumps and landscapes in the middle of the summer, Timberline is a good bet!

Ski Dubai, Dubai
This resort is unique in that it’s indoors, but it still offers a fantastic terrain for snowboarding. Its Free Style zone offers five different runs with a vertical drop of 180 feet.

Monte Rosa, Italy
Though it’s in the middle of the Alps, the Italian ski resort of Monte Rosa manages to remain off the beaten path. It offers great board jumps and cool views.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming
Grand Targhee is known for having great dry powder on its slopes. The resort also offers great amenities like a full service spa and awesome restaurants.

Valle Nevado, Chile
Chile is becoming a more sought after location for skiing and snowboarding, but Valle Nevado still offers unique slopes that are off the beaten path for adventurous snowboarders. Catch stunning views of the Andes mountains whilst you shred.

Saint-Lary, France
Situated in the Pyrennees, Saint-Lary offers an expansive terrain with a great view. Come here to snowboard  and if you visit in the off-season, check out the working dairy farms!

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