So I’ve put together a few clips from last week’s Xscapeology/SNO!storm freestyle night. Simon volunteered to stand around for 15 minutes at the end of the night for which I’m really grateful: it’s always nice to collect some shots, but this time in particular I think I can definitely learn something from it. Here’s the video:

Here are two photo sequences of me doing a frontside 360. In both airs things start off pretty well. However, before long I’m no longer looking over my shoulder in the direction I’m spinning, and my shoulders start to point in the opposite direction too. The rotation slows down and I don’t spin the full 360. In fact, in the first sequence I’m still looking back up the hill after I’ve landed:

What’s going on? It’s clear now why I have trouble spinning this frontside three. Often I end up spinning 180 only. With a frontside 360 the second half of the rotation is ‘blind’, so you don’t see the landing. Maybe it’s this that’s stopping me from keeping my head in the right position? I don’t want to take my eyes away from the landing after the first 180 so I stop looking over my shoulder? It’s probably only momentum that’s sending me past 180… It makes me think about how the pros score points in snowboarding. Smoothness and style is rewarded. And I’m definitely lacking in that!

The Postal Service - Give Up - The District Sleeps Alone

I suppose I’ve got to put some practice in at making sure I keep looking in the directin of the spin. Wait until I see the landing that way. This has kinda got me thinking that backside 3’s might be easier to begin with, for me at least. With a backside 3 I’ll see the landing all the way through the second part of the spin…

Music. The song that I’ve used in the clip is called “The District Sleeps Alone” and it’s by The Postal Service. You can listen to it on our official snowboarding playlist.

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